Sunday, March 4, 2012

hearing wedding bells

Yesterday, my parents came to Charleston for a fun-filled day of wedding gown shopping.  We only had two appointments, but I just knew that was all I would need.  I tried on fantastic dresses by Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Ramona Keveza, and Carolina Herrera.
Trust me, I was in heaven with these gorgeous gowns and found a couple that easily could've been "the one," but I didn't have that emotional bridal "moment" that we all dream of having when you find the dress you can't live without.
Then we went to our next appointment and didn't find anything worth mentioning.
So that was it... no more appointments, no more opportunities to have my bridal moment. 
And I desperately wanted to have it that day! 

Then I decided to call one more bridal boutique.  It's a lovely shop that features traditional gowns with tons of lace & romantic touches.  I tried to get an appointment at this place a week prior, but they were already booked solid.
When I called this place, I said "I know you're booked, but can I please just come in to take a peak at your dresses?"  The woman on the other end was so kind and allowed me to do this.  
I knew my parents wouldn't be able to get back to Charleston within the next few weeks, so I was super excited for the three of us to see this final boutique --the last place I was interested in visiting in Charleston.  At least we would know that if we had no luck there, we could start planning a trip to Atlanta or Charlotte to dress shop.

When I stepped in the store, I just knew my dress was hanging on the racks.  
But then I saw it, the most gorgeous gown that entailed every aspect of a bridal gown I could ever want.
I knew I would try it on and immediately start swooning over how gorgeous it was!
But the response I got wasn't what I hoping for....
"Oh no! I'm sorry, but this is a custom gown for one of our brides that's getting married on Saturday." 
The dress of my dreams: so close, yet so far away.

But this gave me an idea.  Why don't I design my own dress?  I could pick out the exact materials I want, the exact neckline, I could choose whether I want it stick straight or poofy poofy princess.  

So that's just what I did.

I picked out the top of one dress, the bottom of another, the buttons on this dress, the hemline of this dress, and so forth.  To get a great vision of this, I tried on one dress that had the top I liked.  Then on top of that dress, I put on the dress with the bottom I liked -then tucked the top under.  It's quite the contraption, but it worked!  It allowed me to perfectly envision the dress of my dreams -and I felt just like a bride & got those giddy butterflies you expect to have when you find "the one."  I can only imagine how I'll feel when I actually try on the final product, not two dresses layered on top of one another -each with different material than I will be using for my gown.
My fabric samples and sketch of my dress should arrive within the next month.  I'm so pumped!  

Thought I'd throw in a few teasers! 
You're looking at Vera in this photo!
Because I love you, and well... because Brandon has already seen me in countless wedding gowns for different photo shoots, I'll show you some photos of my trying-on experience!

Let me say this again...  my dress is NOT in these photos!  This is just a little fun I had when trying to find "THE dress."

This is Monique Lhuillier Peony --such a comfortable dress!

A little teaser of another gown, I honestly can't remember the designer of this one (I think it's Ramona Keveza).

Here's Ramona Keveza:
See my dad in that chair?  Looking awfully relaxed and tired after only one store!
I had such a fun time & absolutely cannot wait to see the final product.  I'd be lying if I said that I'm not a leeeetle worried as to whether my creation will come out looking beautiful or like a mismatched disaster.  But I have faith in the incredible designer and know it will be perfect for me.  



  1. the second one is lazaro! such beautiful dresses you must been having the time of your life <3

  2. Ahh you look goregous in all of those dresses! I can only imagine what your REAL dress looks like!

  3. how exciting that you're designing your own gown! you will be beautiful :) can't wait to see the dress!


  4. Gorgeous dresses! I had so much fun finding me dress and I can't wait to see what you chose!

  5. Gorgeous dresses! I had such a great time finding my dress and I can't wait to see what you've chosen!

  6. How exciting to design your own wedding dress! I'm sure it will be perfect!

  7. That's so exciting!! How long did they say it would take to custom make your gown? :)

  8. How exciting, Megan! I am sure it will look gorgeous!

  9. That's so exciting, I'm sure you're itching with anticipation to see your dress! I love this idea and have had friends who have used the material of their mom's dresses when making their own. Definitely something I'm considering when it comes time to finding my own perfect dress!


  10. Shopping for wedding dresses was one of my favorite parts of getting married! I custom designed my dress too, so I was completely in love with it. I still daydream about putting that beauty back on for some occassion, but will probably have my children's baptismal gowns made out of it instead.. :)

  11. How fun that you get to design your own wedding dress!! Can't wait to see the final product - we all know you have great style so I'm sure it will be perfect! I actually found mine on Friday! Another thing to check off of our list! :)

  12. So fun, it will turn out so gorgeous I'm sure. I wore a Monique Lhullier and have it al packed up and saved for (maybe) Lilly someday.


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