Friday, January 9, 2015

weekly roundup and 2015 resolutions (on HOLYCITYCHIC.COM)

I'm not usually one to create a list of new year resolutions. Honestly, improving myself is tough, year round challenge, so I normally don't place extra emphasis on it in January. But this year, I do have one main resolution. No computer work after 5pm.

I'm saying this as I'm up blogging at 1am.

Working from home is something I love, but it definitely comes with its challenges. (I'm going to create a big post on my thoughts on this soon.) One main drawback for me is that I have zero separation of home and work. I get anxious when my to-do list starts lengthening and so I choose to knock out what I can in the evenings after dinner. Even though this gives me a jump start on the following day, it takes away quality time with Brandon and honestly, it takes away a lot of sleep because most nights, I don't go to sleep until 2pm. Between being a Realtor, blogging, working for The Everygirl, and doing social media/marketing consulting, I just don't know when to quit with the endless amounts of computer work!

This is going to be incredibly hard for me... and there's a big chance I will fail. I know there will be exceptions to this rule and I'm okay with that. But I'm going to try as hard as I can to maintain normal "office hours," even if that office happens to be a few steps away from my bedroom. 

In other news, who knew such a pretty coffee cup existed? It's different, but I like it.

Isn't it funny how style preferences change? I'm leaning further and further away from crisp, white styling and more towards lived-in, eclectic rooms with a touch of southern-flair (got that?). It's okay if you don't. This room explains it just fine.

Made these last night for dinner. They never disappoint, although I did set the smoke alarm off. Twice. But they're so yummy, full of protein, and have little fat.

Brandon kindly informed me that all C. Wonder stores are closing up shop. Don't you love it when your husband fills you in on current news in ladies fashion? I haven't checked in to see if this is true or not, but I do know that they are having their semi-annual sale and you can save 50% off of everything. The discount is automatically reflected in your shopping cart. I bought these driving mocs (fyi: I normally waiver between an 8.5 and a 9. I wear a 9 in these.). Also loving this mixed metal chain.

There are two things in the photo above that I'm obsessed with. The robe is Plum Pretty Sugar. I have wanted it for the longest time, so Brandon gave it to me for Christmas. I just want to wear it all day. The slippers are from J. Crew. My parents got them for me and if I'm home, they are almost guaranteed to be on my feet. There is only one size left, but these are basically the same and on sale. So are these.

Rebecca Minkoff always gets it right. This bag is brand new (and so great).

Happy weekend, my friends! We wanted to escape for a date night out, but after trying and failing to make reservations, it dawned on us that it's Restaurant Week here in Charleston. Waited too late! Looks like takeout and a movie is on the agenda for tonight and that's actually sounding pretty awesome.

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