Monday, August 11, 2014

birthday weekend

I usually have pretty low key birthdays, but this one was quite the exception. I didn't know that was going to be the case, though! Let's just start with Thursday because I've been a pretty sorry blogger lately (more on that soon) and haven't been updating you very much recently. 

We got to celebrate the engagement of our two good friends on Thursday evening. It was so sweet! He proposed up in the air of our friend's dad's plane. We were at the airplane hangar waiting for them to land... champagne in hand, obviously. 

This is my favorite plane (wearing this dress).
 Some of the friends and family waiting for them to land in the hangar...
 Here they are!

My mom and I went to Charleston on Friday morning to have a girls day. We did what we do best. Shopped, ate, and got our nails/toes done. The fried green tomato BLT + She Crab Soup at Virginia's is one of my all time favorite combinations. (Oh, and don't worry, I had the other half of this sandwich in my right hand while taking this picture. No food was sacrificed!)

After our mani/pedi appointment, Brandon picked me up from the salon and Mom went home. I thought Brandon and I were going to stay at our friends house for the night, but instead he surprised me with a stay at Charleston Place! The hotel has been going through room renovations and the end result is stunning. I mean, look at this room, y'all. 
Couldn't help but do a mirror selfie. #noshame

The plan, or so I thought, was for Brandon and me to go to dinner somewhere downtown. He wouldn't tell me where, just that I needed to be ready to go at 8:15. We went downstairs and Brandon asked how I wanted to get to dinner... rickshaw, walk, taxi? Then we walked right next to this giant party bus that was outside the hotel and Brandon said, "Or do you want to take this to dinner?" The next thing I knew, the driver opened the door and ten of my favorite friends were in the party bus ready to surprise me with "Hey shorty, it's your birthday!" blaring through the speakers. It was the coolest surprise ever. They know how to make a girl feel special.

Here's a video showing the surprise! I wish I had a video of THEM in the bus surprising me!

On Saturday, we hurried up to Charlotte for a wedding. (We were all over the place this weekend!) I do not have one single photo from the wedding on my phone! The couple asked that we not take photos with our phones (which I think is an awesome idea to all those future brides - that way your professional photos don't show people on their phones in the background!). We came all the way home to Beaufort on Saturday night/Sunday morning and let's just say we.were.exhausted

My actual birthday was yesterday, so Sunday started out with being woken up with toast and coffee in bed. This is how all birthdays should be, right?
We then went to my parents' house for lunch and cake! This cake was too pretty to eat, but that didn't stop us.

And this is how Winston feels about it being Monday already.

Happy week to all of you! xo


  1. Oh wow what an awesome surprise! Glad you had a blast and late Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday ! My birthday was Sat. the 9th ! Love the month of August.
    Love the cake !!!

  3. Such a fun birthday weekend!!! I love the party bus surprise!!

  4. My kind of birthday weekend! I love that you guys holed up at a hotel - there is nothing more special!

  5. What a fun surprise for your birthday! The new renovations Charleston Place look gorgeous too, I always loved staying there before I moved here!

  6. Happy birthday darling!

  7. sounds like an amazing weekend! happy birthday! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. happy birthday! mine is wednesday! Love having an August birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! That cake looks divine.

  10. Happy birthday! Sounds like you spend very special and fun birthday weekend :)
    The cake looks awesome!
    Carpet cleaners Hampstead

  11. I always get along with Leos :-) My dad is 8/14 and my son is 8/8. Most of my past boyfriends have been Leos! Ha! I am an Aries, so apparently it's a good match friend-wise. LOL. Sounds like an AMAZING b-day weekend - glad you got celebrated so much!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny


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