Monday, June 30, 2014

jump street

Brandon and I saw 22 Jump Street last night (hilarious!!), so I don't know... the title for this jumpsuit outfit post just works for me. 
This jumpsuit is unlike anything else in my closet. I love rompers, but this takes the concept of a "one-piece" to a whole new level. I know jumpsuits aren't for everyone, but when I see a woman rocking one, all I see is confidence and what could be better than that? Of course, after I put this one on, it just begged for my new favorite red lip

jumpsuit: Black Halo
earrings: (similar)


  1. This looks awesome on you!! and I am so jealous of your tan! Perfectly styled.

  2. This jumpsuit is so elegant and classy! I love it! You look great in it.

  3. The jumpsuit is super sophisticated! Love it. I also loved 22 Jump Street... sooo funny!!


  4. Agreed, perfectly styled! May not be for everyone but it looks great on you!



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