Wednesday, June 11, 2014

good stuff

Over the weekend, I had a nice little visit with my friend, Target. You know how you go in there for one thing (or for nothing at all, let's be serious) and walk out with a buggy full of things you suddenly need. Target's the best for that. They've got good stuff all around right now and here are the highlights from my trip.

A candle that smells exactly like my absolute favorite, NEST Bamboo. Except, this one is a tiiiny fraction of the price. It's my new best friend.

This palm leaf bikini is perfection.

You know the Russell + Hazel Acrylic File Boxthat everyone is crazy about? It's beautiful, but seeing as how I don't even have files to put in a file box, I just can't justify $75. Enter this fine specimen...yeah, it was $7.99. (I can't find a link, but it's with all the other desktop organizers in the store.)

Gold push pins and gold scissors. Yes and yes.

...and perhaps my favorite - these comfy pajamas. The best part is that they are super lightweight, so they aren't a pain to wear in the summertime. Oh, and the set is on sale for $21!

Good stuff, right? Oh, also - this waffle weave robe is pretty incredible, especially for the price (what a great bridesmaids gift idea!) And this workout pullover in grey came home with me. It rivals Lululemon for sure.

Target ...oh you.


  1. Ha so true! I just did the exact same thing this weekend at Target. Hilarious because my fiance was with me and totally called me out that we went in for a coffee maker and came out with a buggy full of everything except that! Love the palm swim suit too.

    New fan and follower! Hope you can stop by Decor-Eat sometime soon. Happy hump day!

  2. Oh my, I need basically all of these items now! :) Thanks for sharing, Target is always the best!

  3. Target sucks you into their bullseye so quick!! I can never escape until I spend at least $50!

  4. I just picked up a few pieces of workout clothing too....Ohhhh Target!!

  5. I just picked up the Nate Berkus Gold Stapler today!!! It kills me every time I walk down the home office aisle!!

  6. I want to get some more cute matching pajama sets! I also need to get at least one organizer like that for all of my old Town & Country magazines!


  7. I Want everything! but I am most def ordering the bikini- how was sizing? I feel like sometimes Target bikinis run on the small side.

  8. I'm pretty much in love with the fact that I have ALL of the same items as well except for the candle!



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