Tuesday, February 18, 2014

lust list

How beautiful are these jules smith drop earrings?  Turquoise is my absolute favorite stone color for jewelry.  Just brightens up the skin and looks great with almost any clothing color... like this bec & bridge isis angle dress, for example.  Keeping with the spring trent, these TKEES foundations flip flops are totally on my radar.  I love a good neutral flop to wear almost daily.  

Brandon and I ate at Wren last weekend and I had this Meiomi Pinot Noir.  It's all kinds of fantastic.  So velvety and smooth.  If you're into pinot noir, you've got to pick up a bottle.  It's my current obsession.

Not much to say about these joie jaclyn ankle strap sandals other than they're gorgeous and would be a closet staple all spring, summer, and fall.  As for this adia kibur link necklace, it's much like one that I own and wear all the time.  A chunky chain will go with anything.  And because it's technically still winter, I'm loving this essie vested interest nail polish because it's the perfect transition color to get you into the warmer months.  What are you loving this week? 


  1. Cameron gave me a pair of heels just like those black ones for my birthday but they are like 5" tall! I would totally tower over him if I wore them so I'm still debating on whether to return them or not. They're so hot though! Loving that dress, too. Even if it is orange. :)

  2. I am in LOVE with that orange dress!! So interesting and unique! I think it would even look great paired up with those earrings ;)
    Do you mind me asking what the font is that you used for the title "lust list"?? I love it!!

  3. I am loving the essie nail polish...I am definitely over the darker colors and ready for the pretty pastels...bought a really great violet one from essie :) That orange dress would look amazing on you!!

  4. loving all of the above! especially those earrings!


  5. i love that wine too. so easy to drink and just...good. love that dress!

  6. I Love Meomi! Sometimes Publix even has it for about $12!


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