Friday, January 3, 2014

lust list // world market

I stepped into World Market the other day and, within a few minutes, truly could have stepped out of there with a truck load of goods.  The white dipped wooden serveware really wanted me to buy it.   It was practically screaming my name.  And when I started to walk away from it, I then spilled someone else's drink all over the table display that the serveware was on.  That was it's way of getting back at me.  Maybe I'll return for it.  So nothing else bad happens, of course.  Oh well, here are some of my favorites.

I did, however, buy these delicious dutch caramel wafers simply because Yolanda had them on Real Housewives.  And because they came in a cute tin.

Happy Friday!  This has been the longest work week I've ever had where I had a mini weekend in the middle of it.  Strange how that works.


  1. Sadly we don't have a world market - probably for the best as I would scoop everything up!

  2. I love Word Market, but don't spend nearly enough time there. Since it's in West Ashley I never seem to be near it. Some of these finds are absolutely gorgeous though, so I might have to go check it out soon.


  3. I love all of their stuff! Wish I had one close by!

  4. Loving that white dipped serveware. I think World Market is like a less pricey Anthro!

  5. Oh no girl now you are going to have me shopping tomorrow at the World Market!! And stuffing my face with wafers ;)

  6. I love that first white bowl!! and I will buy anything Yolanda eats she looks amazing.


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