Friday, June 28, 2013

weekly roundup

Hello, weekend!  We are heading to Beaufort to see two dear friends tie the knot.  The forecast is calling for thunderstorms all weekend and into next week, but I'm packing my bathing suit anyway.  Rain or shine, it will be a nice little getaway and a chance for us to spend time with family back "home."

Here are some bits of my week.

//  Watched this very inspiring talk on the importance of getting uncomfortable and creating a meaningful life.

//  Received this dress in the mail and have wanted to wear it every day.

//  Really, really need two of these.

//  Loved viewing Elle Decor's Most Fashionable Rooms of the Week.

// Discovered this tumblr and am wondering what took me so long.

// Couldn't help but smile at this photo.  When did I turn into a cat lady?


  1. For some reason the links aren't working for me this week? :(

  2. For some reason the links aren't working for me this week :(

  3. Oh I agree, that kitty is adorable! And that tumblr is very fancy, thank you for sharing :)
    I don't know if this is your kinda thing at all, but I'm having a little giveaway if you'd like to check it out and enter? xx

    ps I also love your blog header!

  4. Following you on facebook, instagram, gfc and bloglovin! Hope you stop by and follow back ;)


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