Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Rehearsal Dinner

Next up to bat... our rehearsal dinner, which was held at the Harbour Club.  We had the dinner on the rooftop and later, welcomed additional guests for a party downstairs!  Brandon's parents did such a great job hosting a beautiful evening.  The welcome party allowed me to speak with family and other out of town guests before the actual wedding, which made the reception so much less overwhelming since I had already visited with these guests.

Our wedding party and their guests.
...and then this face felt totally necessary.

After dinner, we moved downstairs for the welcome party!
Brandon's parents hired two members of the band, Soul Fish, to play.  They were so, so good.  Perfect for our smaller group.
...but there was still a lot of dancing!
...and --well-- jumping, I guess.

I didn't plan on wearing black to our rehearsal.  I was with my mom as she was trying on MOB dresses when I spotted it on the rack.  I really didn't have rehearsal dinner in mind when I saw it, but knew I had to at least slip it on.  As soon as the dress was zipped, I fell in love and immediately knew I'd wear it to the rehearsal.  It's Noir by Lazaro.  Even though I found out that it's made in ivory, I decided to stick with the black.  It was unexpected, which is exactly what I was going for.


  1. You looked perfect! Looks like it was a fabulous rehearsal dinner :)

  2. Looks like a great time and the cake is adorable!

  3. You just always look so pretty! The Dress is perfect!

  4. Your dress and hair are stunning! Timeless and elegant. I loved the cake as well! Looks like it was a fabulous event.


  5. You look beautiful! How did you get your hair into the perfect bun?! I haven't been able to master the high bun but really want to!

  6. Looks like a lovely way to start the weekend off! I loved your whole look. I just ordered a navy blue dress for my rehearsal dinner in a few weeks, because I figured everyone will be seeing me in white the next day anyway!

  7. Who is the lady to your left in that small group photo, the one wearing the black blazer? She looks like someone I knew a long time ago... her first name wouldn't be Joette would it?

  8. You look amazing!! Black was a great choice, totally unexpected for a rehearsal dinner but still classy and beautiful.

    Can't wait to see your wedding dress!

    Darling Two

  9. what a gorgeous place for a rehearsal dinner! and that grooms cake/rehearsal dinner cake is incredible!


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