Wednesday, June 12, 2013

product spotlight: my makeup collection

Every now and then, I'm going to post about some must have items ... be it beauty items, housewares, or wardrobe related items.  As for today, here are some makeup items that I'd hate to go without.

By far, my absolute favorite foundation.  It has to protect my face during the day, but not too much to create a white cast on my face in flash photography.  It can be applied lightly or it can easily be built up for a full coverage.  I mix my winter shade (140) with my summer shade (320) to create the perfect shade for my skintone.  During the day, I mix a little dab with a tinted moisturizer and apply with a slightly damp flat kabuki brush.  I posted about my must have makeup brushes here.

This blush might look scary in the pan, but it's so gorgeous when applied lightly on the cheeks.  It's the perfect bright, pinky coral that makes my skin look sun-kissed and fresh.  There's no way I'm taking this out of my summer makeup arsenal.

Hands down... my favorite bronzer.  It's more pigmented than Nars Laguna, but has the same natural  non "muddy" shade.  

I recently discovered this mascara and ended up loving it.  It holds curl really well, but isn't the absolute best at lengthening.  Still, I have very short lashes and this builds them up like crazy!  It makes me look wide-eyed, which is a look I'm not quite used to these days.

This was my wedding lipstick and I'm obsessed with it.  It's a delicate neutral pink with a hint of coral and a hint of blue (makes teeth look whiter!).  It feels great on my lips and lasts a long time.


  1. I have been wearing Bobbi Brown Medium bronzer for no joke 10 years. There have been 2 times where I strayed and tried another brand only to quickly regret it and be back to Bobbi within a week. It's seriously the best!

  2. I really need to find a good bronzer, might give the Bobbi Brown a try! I'll try this mascara too. I'm using a Maybeline right now, and although I like it, it's not my favorite.


  3. Love Maybelline the Rocket! It's my new go-to as well!

  4. I'm curious if you have oily skin? I just got that same Lancôme foundation and Nars powder and I can't figure out which one is making me shine, maybe the primer?

  5. I love the Lancome foundation. It is my favorite ever. Going to have to try that shade kn Chanel lipstick. I wear chintz most days and love it but am alwas looking for great neutrals.

  6. I keep seeing stuff about Bobbi Brown blush so I am going to HAVE to try some! I am blush obsessed so I am shocked I haven't tried it thus far!!

  7. Love Teint Idole 24 by Lancome! Great picks, Megan!


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