Tuesday, April 2, 2013

backwards and in heels

I haven't forgotten about you or this little ol' blog.  I'm not going to rattle off excuses, but I'm getting married in 25 DAYS!!!  When the heck did this happen?  I have page-long lists everywhere I look.  So much to get done and so little time.  I promise to be back for a "Wedding Wednesday" tomorrow ...and let's not get crazy, but I'll be chatting with you on Thursday and Friday, too.  
Thanks for sticking around! Xo-M


  1. I think everyone is swamped right now, I haven't been the best blogger myself! Can't wait to see how everything with your wedding turns out, so soon already! You'll be a gorgeous bride!

  2. Good luck for the final wedding stretch!

  3. So glad to hear from you! No need to apologize- it will all be worth it when we get to see your wedding photos in the end!

  4. You're getting so close to the big day! I remember those last few weeks and how it seemed as if every single minute of every day was slammed with wedding to-dos. It will all be worth it in the end!

  5. 25 days! So exciting. Enjoy these days because they will fly by!


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