Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Just a few things I might just love to see under the tree.  ;)

Sigma Makeup Brushes ...the E40, E60, and F10! 
(Use coupon code DEC2012 to save 10% during December!)

The New York Times 36 Hours by Barbara Ireland
(10% off with code PURPLEWISHES)

(10% off and free shipping with code JDCGE48)
...also love the Jetsetter Large Dopp Kit!

Is anyone else having a hard time coming up with a Christmas list?  I can usually rattle off a huge list of things I want, but I really had to dig for these.  I think it's because my mind is on the wedding...and a lot of things on my wish list are on our registry.  
What's on your wish list this season?  


  1. We got married in February, so for Christmas we did receive a lot of things from our registry- which was great. I also found it hard to have a Christmas list after I'd registered for so many AMAZING things. I'll have to check out the NYT's book on your list. I'm dying for some JCrew! Gift cards would be perfect.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Loving Coco Chanel
    I was the same with Xmas and wedding registry requests.
    In the end I put other wedding related items on my wish list - jars for the candy bar, dress/shoes for the day before the wedding (family events). And jewellery that I wore on honeymoon

  3. I asked for Sigma makeup brushes, too! I also asked for one of the "name necklaces". So cute!

  4. Liked the post so much I did a similar one today. Gave you credit in the post. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love that book! Ordering it now....and yes, I have also had a hard time coming up with ideas this Christmas!

  6. Great list! I am realy wanting the Prada "Candy" parfum the sweet yummy scent :)

  7. Ok. So that book is now on my Christmas list. So glad I found your blog! XOXO your newest follower


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