Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the season for friends and family

Did anyone else get absolutely overwhelmed this morning when friends and family sale notifications flooded your email?  These are the kinds of things that make me short of breath.  The anxiety is setting in.  The time has come for friends and family sales.  I'm just thankful that Sephora didn't start theirs today too because that would be too much for me to handle!  ;)

Use code: WEAREFAMILY for 20% off.

Use code: FRNFAM2 for 20% off.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I want another pair of boots, dark brown, so badly I'm having panic attacks!! I am just itching to order them ASAP. Even though I probably shouldn't. But somehow, I just keep telling myself I need them!


  2. Totally understand the anxiety. I am on a shopping freeze for the month, so this is killing me. I just made a handbag purchase, so I can't order anything else. It's killing me :(

  3. Such a great sale! My Mama shopped it today and got a longchamp, Burberry scarf and flats, and some Tory flats. I just wish this sale would have waited to go on when I'm in NYC next month.

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  4. Have you heard anything about the Sephora F&F sale? Usually it's around this time and I actually heard rumors it starts tomorrow, but Sephora is being super sketch about it.... I need my Sephora fix!

  5. We don't have nearly as cool sales in South Africa :(
    Here they haul out stock from 10yrs ago and pretend to have a sale by marking it less 25%


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