Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Five

A recent purchase that I'm so, so excited to receive!
I'm ashamed to admit that the pair of shoes I have now are about five years old.  Not only that, but I picked them out solely because they were the cheapest ones on the sale rack!  When I told this to the people at TrySports in Mount Pleasant, they literally laughed in my face (out of disgust, I guess).  They put me on their in-store treadmill and used a camera & software to analyze my feet as I run.  As it turns out, I overpronate & need a stability shoe, like the one above.  Sadly, TrySports didn't have my size in this shoe.  Zappos to the rescue!

Another recent purchase...
I learned about this makeup remover from Lisa Eldridge, an international celebrity makeup artist (& YouTube guru!).  She's seriously amazing & inspiring.  Just watch one of her videos & you'll be stuck at your computer for hours.  
Lisa recommends this product for eye makeup removal, which was enough validation for me!  As far as I know, it isn't in stores in the US, but I purchased it on Amazon for a fairly good price considering the large size.  Worth every penny!  It removes mascara and eye liner in one swoop & isn't greasy at all.  Feels just like water.

Outfit for this casual Friday at work...
Blazer: Gap, Top: J. Crew, Denim: Vigoss, Wedges: Aerosoles (oh so comfy for running errands!)

Nix the pillows, but isn't this a gorgeous sofa from Ashley Furniture?

It really reminds me of this one...
...except better, in my opinion, because of the added detail of metal studs!
The best part is that, from what I can find on Google, the sofa (in the first picture) is only around $500.  Ashley Furniture makes amazing, quality pieces for an awesome price.  Perfect for everyone, but especially for young adults like myself!  As Brandon and I start talking about getting a home together, it is slightly overwhelming to know that we're going to have a whole home to decorate (aka- a whole home of furniture to pay for!).  Luckily, this also excites me because I love to decorate. 
I really see this sofa making a grand entrance into my future sometime soon!

My new Voluspa candle that smells amazing, but is too pretty to light.

Happy weekend, loves!


  1. LOVE your outfit! I'm pretty sure I've worn the same exact thing before just with mint skinnies instead of coral. I need coral ones. So cute!

  2. I love TrySports! I went there as well to get fitted, and then found my shoes on Zappos :)

  3. I love the sneakers!!! The color is gorgeous

  4. love the outfit and gorgeous candle. don't pretty candles make you oh-so-happy?? i just adore them.

  5. Ashley furniture is terrible.

    I bought a moderate priced bedroom suite from there three years ago. The headboard and footboard were trashed about a year ago because they fell apart. Two weeks ago two of the drawer fronts from my dresser just fell off. The wood on the top of all pieces which includes two nightstands, dresser, chest of drawers is peeling up. I was not hard on my furniture at all and will never buy from Ashley again.

  6. I'm really wanting a pair of coral skinnies for the summer. This year I am especially loving coral. What shade is that YSL lipstick in the pic with the candle? I love that sofa. We have some pieces from Ashley Furniture and I love them all. They look so classic and chic but without being ridiculously expensive.

  7. That sofa is beautiful. Might I also suggest Rooms to Go for furniture purchasing. I know it isn't as good as stores like Pottery Barn but it also makes beautiful pieces for really inexpensive. I bought a bed from them last year and with the bed, mattress, boxspring, delivery and set up it was less than 1000.

  8. i really want a pair of new running shoes!!

  9. I have this sofa and love seat set. I also hated the pillows and I am on the hunt to replace them! The set is much more beautiful in person and comfortable as well.

  10. I have this sofa and love seat in my formal living room. I also hated the pillows and am on the look for something to replace them. The set is beautiful in person the picture does not do the color justice. It's even comfortable! I have several items from Ashley Furniture as if you take care of the items they will last!

  11. Love your blog, super cute. xox

  12. I love your outfit! I have the same lipstick in your last picture.. I loveee ESL!


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