Thursday, February 2, 2012

let's catch up

...with OOTDs first.
Banana Republic Sweater, J. Crew skirt, Tory Burch Revas
F21 Blouse, GAP Jeans
Banana Republic Blouse, Express Pencil Skirt, Banana Republic Heels

Oh!  I had my hair cut shorter and added some layers.  My hair is so much thicker than it used to be due to my supplementation of Biotin and a prenatal vitamin each day.  So the blunt, straight across cut was just no longer working for me.  It was giving me a triangle head.  Woo, glad that's fixed! 
It's also lighter. 
I so wanted to try being a brunette, but for me....blonde is more fun.
When I was deciding whether to be darker with low-lights or lighter with high-lights, my stylist said, "Are you a blonde bride or a brunette bride?"  (Oh come on, all unmarried gals envision their wedding day and know what color their hair is going to be under that veil.)  Without a doubt, I said "I'm a blonde bride."
And that was the end of the story.

Speaking of marriage, look at this conversation I had with my FH (Future Husband) while he was on his business trip last week.
 He is so. trained.
(sorry Brandon --I know he's reading!)
He always complains when I turn on The Bachelor each week, but lookie here... he watched it at his own will!  I KNEW he secretly loved it all along.

 On another note, here's another reason to love Chick-fil-A.
That place gets at least one weekly visit from us --usually before shag (dance) class each Tuesday night (We are creatures of habit). 
My cousin Chrissy told me about the new Chicken Tortilla Soup they are offering.  In my attempt to make wiser food choices, I opted for the soup instead of fries.
Well, I'm so glad that I did because it was absolutely delicious!  It doesn't exactly look like anything spectacular, but it's super creamy & filling.
I asked for the nutrition facts, and sure enough, the employee printed it off their register. (Did you know that they can do this for ANY menu item?  It's a new feature.  I'm in the know.)
Will you just look at these nutrition facts?
Ok.  It does have 2 grams of saturated fat (that's animal fats = not good fats = don't eat this). 
No trans fats (that's the hydrogenated oil fat. you know, the fats that are put in foods to preserve them.  think about the pictures you've seen of McDonalds fries that look brand new but are 6 years old.  that's because they were cooked in hydrogenated oil, or trans fat. so, DON'T eat trans fats or it will just sit in your body & not digest)  
It also has 3 grams of unsaturated fats, but these are the good ones (good for the brain!).
woo- got on a little fat tantrum there for a moment. my health minor comes out in phases.

And although I hate to see the amount of cholesterol and sodium that is in this soup, it does have some very positive things!
14 grams of dietary fiber!  That is fabulous.  You need fiber to keep your digestion moving and to feel full quicker -so ultimately, fiber helps you lose weight.  Most people don't get near enough fiber in their daily diet.
This soup also has 19 grams of protein.  Again- this will fill you up & keep you satisified!

It's tasty, too :)

Got to wrap things up...
Brandon and I are about to leave to look at The Harbour Club, the main contender we have for our rehearsal dinner.
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  1. I just started following you and love your posts! Love your style- similiar to what I try to put together in the mornings! And that torilla soup looks awesome! I have a coupon to get one for free, so I can't wait to try!

    xo. Britt

  2. there's MSG in that soup... :( and a LOT of chickfila products. i've given up many of them for that reason.

  3. Love the outfite with the leopard shirt and wide legged jeans. Your hair looks very cute! I drove past Chick-fil-A two days ago after a later-morning workout. My windows were down and it smelled soooo good, but I kept on driving. I just might have to try out that soup sometime. ;)

  4. Y'alls text conversations crack me up! So cute :) Also, that soup is delicious! I had it the other day for lunch and have been craving it ever since.

  5. hahaha thanks for sharing the text convo, love it! I know a lot of guys that watch it. While some don't admit it, others say it's some good ish to watch, ha

  6. Love the Harbor Club! And, of course, your outfits. :)

  7. I want Chick-fil-a for lunch after reading this post! And I love the rehearsal dinner location. We had ours at Middleton Place. I love coastal weddings!

  8. I love your leopard blouse, too cute! That soup looks tasty, I might have to try that. Definitely love the Harbour club..I hope it works out for y'all!

  9. Love your hair color! Life is better blonde :)

  10. Would you believe me if I told you that I've NEVER eaten at a Chica fila ? whatever it's called! LOL But I really like they printed that receipt for you showing the break down of the food! Marvelous!

  11. Love all your outfits and that your fiance is trained to watch the Bachelor - so hilarious!

  12. love LOVE your blog! such adorable outfits! i will 100% be a SUPER blonde bride as well :) ! u are going to make a gorgeous one for sure. have a great weekend!!

  13. Love all our outfits and that your fiance is trained to watch the Bachelor - too funny!

  14. You are so cute at work! I work in technology so i always look like a frumpstar!

  15. you and your boy are cute! and your outfits are adorable.

  16. That message sounds exactly like what my husband does with The Vampire Diaries :)

    Love the New hair too! Just Gorgeous.

     She's Got Heart{s}

  17. I love the purple skirt! I am going to have to be on the look-out for one similar!! I almost ordered the chicken tortilla soup today at Chick-fil-a but wasn't sure if it would be any good--glad to know it is!!

  18. Biotin and prenatal, tried them both, no change in my hair :( :(

  19. Biotin and Prenatal, tried 'em both and no change in my hair :( :(


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