Monday, December 12, 2011

scenes from my weekend

white chocolate croissants, new aubergine J. Brand skinny jeans, the most comfy lounge shirt from Victoria's Secret PINK, where I sat in Barnes & Noble for over an hour.
We surprised my brother for his 27th birthday.  He is the best brother anyone could ask for -for many reasons, other than the fact that he carried my purse for me through the parking lot :)
Mark (brother) and I found our friend who danced (and still dances) at Revolution's every weekend by himself.  We would take photos with him when I lived in Myrtle Beach for my first two years of college, before I transferred to CofC.  He was there this past Friday night!  The next photo is the big group of us that went to dinner two Fridays ago.  We celebrated our engagement with them at Red's.  The next two photos are, of course, Brandon and me.  In the last picture, we were trying to whistle at Broadway, but it wasn't working.
work outfit for today
my new Kendra Scott earrings -LOVE,  what I see when I make my 1.5mi commute to work every morning, a creepy man with a cat on his shoulder...driving along I-95,  Brandon showing how we both felt after such a fun weekend ...EXHAUSTED!!!! 


  1. O my goodness! I always see that old dancing man at Revolutions when my friends & I go too. We asked him his name once, and he said it was Willy! I think he goes every single weekend! CRAZY :)

  2. Oooo the wedding section!! I sat in B&N for an over an hour too this week, only it was in the statistics study guide section.....haha. You have the cutest OOTD's. And I tried the macademia hair masque you blogged about- I'm hooked!

  3. Love the T Burch flats, boots, and earrings.

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous of your new Kendra Scott earrings!! :) They are definitely on my list of favorite things. I did a post recently of my fav Kendra Scott pieces...

    Looks like you had a wonderful and fun weekend!! You always look adorable, but I love that black dress with the turqouise necklace.

  5. Ahhh we definitely danced with that guy when we went to Myrtle Beach for my friends bachelorette this past summer! That is hilarious. He is a legend. :) So jelly of your JBrand jeans.

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend!! And I love those VS shirts too!

  7. Love the new earrings! And your work outfit!

    What a perfect weekend! xoxo


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