Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hump Day Happenings

Hi strangers! 

I have been incredibly consumed in wedding plans ...and I'll be the first to say, it's definitely not the fairytale that I thought planning a wedding would be!  I know it will get easier... if I can just get a church & reception venue booked!  I need the date to be set in stone for me to feel a sense of relief.  Speaking of anxiety, did you know that it's incredibly hard to be married in the Catholic church after 2pm? It interferes with the regular Saturday evening masses.  This is not sitting well with this gal who has dreamt of an evening wedding ceremony her entire life. 

On another note...
My mother found my grandmother's wedding dress in her cedar chest.  It was so neat to see & touch! My Memie had such a pretty figure! I don't think I could fit into this dress, although I didn't try (the fabric is incredibly fragile right now).

I also found a couple photos from my parents wedding.  They have a whole album, of course, but these were stuck in a pile of photos that my father happened to pull out...
 The folks next to my parents are my paternal grandparents.  My granny's life was taken of breast cancer right before I was born, so I always love seeing pictures of her! 

While looking at churches one day this past weekend, we saw this fantastic one-man-band.  Reception entertainment, perhaps?  He drew in quite the crowd!

After all of this wedding talk, this meal with Brandon was much needed.
Taco Boy has the best salads, in case you're wondering.  Literally makes my mouth water looking at this picture.  I just cannot even explain how amazing their dressings are! This one is served with seared ahi tuna ...yum!
I had to take a picture of this outfit because the whole thing was purchased before I ever went to college!  The jeans, shirt/shrug AND shoes are definitely the oldest pieces of clothing I have in my closet.

Moving right along...

The python trays I ordered from Two's Company are amaze.  I bought all three sizes and am obsessed.  
(Thanks Memie & Poppop for my Christmas present!)
As soon as I was reminded about these beauties on Natalie's blog, I couldn't stop thinking about them. 

Not only have I neglected my blog recently (and also my nails & the gym, but that's another story), but I am also insanely behind on my Christmas shopping! 
What has gotten into me!? 
Happy Wednesday, loves.
Time for me to watch a Hallmark movie & eat gingerbread. 


  1. You're blissfully engaged!! Enjoy it; you never get that back!! xo

  2. Ahh I had no idea it was difficult to do Catholic masses later in the day. That's bad news for me, too (when I get engaged, that is lol). and that one man band is hilarious!

  3. Your memie's dress is precious! I am obsessed with wedding dresses with sleeves. Darn that Kate middleton for stealing my thunder ;)!

    Merry engaged Christmas!

  4. Everything will work out like it is supposed to :) I remember being so stressed looking for reception locations, choosing where to have the ceremony, finalizing what dress I really wanted...craziness! My hubby and I checked out an old Kentucky mansion on a farm, per the recommendation of a friend. We weren't crazy about the idea at first but after checking it out we just knew that that was the place we were going to get married. Have fun and enjoy the process... and yes, when the date is final a huge weight will be lifted! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  5. I felt the exact same way when I got married in the catholic church at 2:00. But I went with the formal affair I wanted despite the odd time. It worked out perfect I swear! We had full liquor bar and band and still had time to go out afterwards. Best wishes and have fun planning!!!

  6. You have been super busy! It seems like there are a few main things that have to be booked and taken care of first, then you can breathe a bit. One of my best friends is Caholic, and for her wedding this past summer all of us bridesmaids were due at the church right before Mass was out. Literally, as soon as everyone walked out, people sgtarted filling in for the wedding. So, have no fear, it can be done! That salad looks delish, by the way. Have a very Merry Christmas!! XO

  7. Your grandmas dress is beautiful and so is she. Planning a wedding is totally stressful, but fun. Have a wonderful Christmas. xoxo

  8. I got married in a Catholic church and had to have a 1pm wedding so I just ended up going with a 3pm cocktail reception, it wasn't exactly what I wanted at the time but ended up working out perfectly and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way now looking back. My sister on the other hand had a 3pm Catholic wedding which was the latest her church had and was able to have a 5pm evening reception, I also have a friend who had a 4pm Catholic wedding so they do exist you just might have to check out a few churches if you don't have your heart set on one in particular. Good luck- once you get the big stuff nailed down wedding planning gets much more fun!

  9. Aww thanks for the shout out love! The python trays are the best!! Love seeing your grandmothers dress and your parents, you look so much like your pretty mom! The wedding stuff will get better once you set a date! And why have I never had a taco boy salad?? I always get tacos but next time I'm getting a salad!

  10. My best friend is catholic and her church allowed weddings after the mass on Saturday - think the wedding was at 7:00. We didn't get ready or take pictures before at the church - did all that at a nearby hotel and literally stepped off the bus and walked down the aisle. Another good friends church only allowed afternoon weddings, so they has their wedding at 2:00 and then straight to the reception. I thought the reception would be kind of laid back since it was the middle of the afternoon, but it was every bit as fun as an evening one. And lastly, my cousin from just outside NYC got married in the middle of the afternoon (2, I think) and then had a "catholic break" before the cocktail hour and sit down dinner reception started at 6:30. We just went back to the hotel and hung out, rested etc between them.

  11. Wedding planning is very stressful and takes a lot out of you.. I got married last year and I have to say has a wedding time line/check list that is AMAZING to use during the process. It helps you out, no matter what type of wedding you are planning :)

    Congrats on the engagement!!!


  12. I spy my Momma! I think the one man band would be hilarious!

  13. My husband and I were married in a Catholic church and I couldn't believe how early we had to get married either. 2:00pm it was! I tried to stahl after the reception (by planning other things for guests) so that the reception could be overlooking the ocean during sunset. And not only that, but every document and hour spent... the Catholic church does not make it easy to get married, but it's so worth all of the extra effort. I always feel a bond with other Catholic brides/wives because we all have been through the same thing while planning our wedding! Pre Cana is so great though!!

  14. How special that you still have your grandmother's wedding dress! I have that shrug too! From years and years ago - and I still pull it out occasionally.

  15. I just discovered your blog and I love it - you are just too chic! And I feel your pain about wanting an evening Catholic ceremony. We had our Catholic Mass ceremony at 3:30pm at Knowles Chapel at Rollins College (totally gorg setting) in my hometown of Winter Park, FL. The pastor from my parents church performed the Catholic ceremony at the Chapel since it was a Christian setting. So definitely look into other churches (if you want/can) and see if your priest can accommodate you. Since I wanted an evening reception - I had to think creatively, so we had a refreshment half-hour at 5pm for guests with lawn games (cornhole and washers), fresh squeezed lemonade and flavored waters to keep them busy :) And if all else fails, if you are a fall/winter bride it will be darker earlier in the evening!

    Here's the link to our wedding on Style Me Pretty (SMP is my fav and it's full of amazing ideas!) -

    Happy planning!

  16. Wowee--I really am out of the loop! Congrats on the engagement, I'll have to catch up more on your blog to read all about it! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  17. obsessed with those python trays! never saw them before, now I think I need them. ;)

  18. Congratulations on your engagement! I got engaged this past august and definitely know what you mean. Until our date is final, I can't seem to stop worrying. We have a potential date in mind but havent made it official yet. I can't really help you about the Catholic ceremony times but good luck! My fiance and I are thinking ours will be around 3 or so.

    And on a side note, your outfit is really pretty. I love your shirt!



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