Monday, December 5, 2011

gifts for the woman that has everything

Perhaps spending $20 for 100 cotton pads is not the most practical thing to do, but how luxurious would these look displayed in a crystal dish on your vanity? I love how each one is embossed with the Chanel logo!

Please tell me one stylish lady that would not love to own these beauties.  Anyone?  A steal for $28!

I've heard so much buzz about this product that it's unreal.  What a perfect travel companion for any makeup-lover!  This is a $107 value for just $65.

Not only is the packaging of this candle to die for, it smells like a refreshing blend of aromatic Fraser fir, crushed balsam needles, sprightly spruce, and english holly.  It's basically Christmas in wax form.  They also have many other scents in equally as gorgeous packaging! ($28)

Every woman needs a wallet.  Why not make it a pretty one? This simple, black wallet with the small Tory Burch medallion is so practical because it will go with just about any purse! ($225)
...can't go wrong with the camel look, either!
What a lovely gift to receive!  This gorgeous coffee table book is normally $85, but Barnes & Noble has it on sale (online) for $57.  A sure way to make any table more luxurious.


  1. Fun gift ideas! I loving giving gifts people normally wouldn't buy for themselves. Love the earrings.

  2. i am loving those chanel cotton pads!

  3. Love the Tory Burch wallets! And you're right - the Chanel cotton pads are not practical but would be a perfect accessory for a vanity!

    Those earrings are gorgeous as well!

  4. Great ideas! I especially love the earrings & TB wallets!

  5. Fabulous picks! I wanted that Nars palette earlier but they were sold out - and I've actually tried those Chanel pads before, they were really nice :) But so $$$$.

  6. I really want that nars palette! I'm such a makeup addict and would love to be able to use all the fabulous products!

  7. Omg, I'll take one of each please :)

  8. Wonderful ideas! Love the earrings and wallets (1 in each color please!)


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