Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Picks

Maria Menounos
I love her style.  It's such a perfect blend of youth, classic, and sexy ...which can be hard to do.

...and did you know that she used to be a size 14 before dropping down to the tiny figure that she has now?
I think that's pretty amazing!
I also love her hair color & wish I was risky enough to take the plunge.  I put dark lowlights in my hair this past spring, but immediately wanted to put the blonde back in.  Now that I've got it back blonde again, I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about dying it completely brown like Maria's hair.  Even though it's a thought, it's not going to happen.

I'm super excited that I received the Marley Lilly pashmina scarf that I won in their recent Twitter giveaway.
I seriously never win anything, but have hit a little lucky strike recently.

I chose crimson red with a crimson red monogram.  I didn't want a bright monogram to take away from the classiness of the pashmina's color!  I think it's gorgeous and cannot wait to wear it to some holiday parties.

Random addition to this post, but what a great idea for cleaning product organization!

 Here are my fashion picks for the day...

1. $49, 2. $45, 3. $135

Ok, I'm giving you another reason to shop...
Piperlime is giving you 20% off of your entire purchase - today only!

Click here to get your 20% off coupon code!
Stay tuned because I've got some great giveaways coming up in the near future!

Happy Tuesday!
It's warm & sunny in Charleston ...if only I could move my office outside for the day.


  1. Wow I had no idea that she used to be a size 14! Crazy.

  2. i read her book! I think it is so crazy that she used to be a size 14 - I wish I could loose some weight like that!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  3. i would LOVE to move my desk outside today too. it is gorgeous!

  4. Maria Menounos is so gorgeous and she's definitely lost a lot of weight. She always looks so classy and put together.

    Congrats on winning the Marley Lilly giveaway. I entered that one too and want a pashmina in the worst way. I actually like the idea of getting the thread color of the monogram to match the shade of the pashmina. It looks really pretty.

    That tangerine watch from Nine West looks so nice!

  5. I had no idea that she used to be a size 14?! Good for her- she is gorgeous as is that monogramed pashmina you won!

  6. I had no idea that she was a size 14 before she got down to her current skinny frame!! No way! I need to read secrets!! I've always loved her! I am also loving that Pashmina!! Go you!!

  7. omg such a great idea for the laundry room!

  8. oh my G, someone needs to give maria a pork chop! holy crap she looks frail. loooooove the laundry room idea.

  9. I could see her being a 14, when you're short, it's not like that's very big. Actually, I don't think it's very big in general. I'm a 10 now. Bet no one would ever guess that. :)

  10. i love maria too :) she is beautiful and has great hair!


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