Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't be afraid...

...of wearing bright colors this fall.

If it's a bright colored dress, transition the piece into fall by adding opaque tights & a great pump or boot.  Scarves are a great addition to any outfit in terms of changing the look & making it more fitting for the season at hand.  As for bright pants, you may have read my post that included, well ...a bit of a disclaimer, if you will.  Basically, remember to dress for your own body type, not according to what's "trendy."  If you happen to be more bottom-heavy, then bright colored pants are probably not for you because it will draw attention to that area.  Same concept goes for any piece of bright colored clothing.  There are other ways to bring in bright pieces into your ensemble ...hello accessories! Scarves, pumps, statement necklaces, chunky rings & bracelets ....make it bright & make it pop! 

Aren't you just loving the bright colors in these outfits?
I am! 
Currently dying over that mustard yellow sweater.


images via pinterest


  1. I'm loving the bright corals :)

  2. Thank you for reminding me to wear color year round. I am so bad about it. Once it gets colder and I get pasty pale all I want to wear is black. All winter long.

  3. love that red dress! so beautiful!!

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  5. Oh wow those are some amazing outfits and colors. hello fall

  6. I am loving all these inspiration photos - getting me in the mood for bright colors for fall! BTW just found your blog, and you are gorgeous :)

  7. Love the colors!!! Thank you so much for the watch advice also! I had it down to Marc Jacobs vs. Kenneth Cole and went with Kenneth cole!! :)

  8. I adore these pictures. I think my fave is the yellow top in the second picture. I want all of these bright colored pieces. Great post.

    Thanks for stopping by Fash Boulevard and leaving such a sweet comment. :) I would love if you could stop by and check out my most recent post about my trip to the private opening of the Giuseppe Zanotti Vegas boutique.

  9. Love every single one of these!!


  10. Glad you posted this so that I could confirm that I'm not going crazy! I keep seeing bright colors in stores and even lavender and have wondered about them being in, buttt I suppose they are! and I'm happy about it. I don't like to dress in dark colors all the time!

  11. Fantastic post. Bright punches of color are my fashion goal this fall. Love it.


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