Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the dog days are over

I had been dealing with a slow-as-molasses, first generation Droid for almost two years.
Oh, and it had a cracked screen, too. 
Literally had to put a clear screen protector on it to keep shards of glass from cutting my finger when I touched the screen.
It was a joy, let me tell you.

Well those days are over because I have joined the iPhone family & couldn't be happier about it!

Not going to lie, one of the most appealing features to me is its camera.
My Droid didn't even have a camera with a flash on it!

Brandon and I took a Sunday evening boat ride with our good friends, Drew & Cody.
The weather was gorgeous!

Thanks to my new gadget, I have the pics to prove it!

Oh, and Brandon got his first iPhone on the same day!

I watched the Clemson game at my parent's home on Saturday evening.  Brandon was with all of his buddies in Charleston watching it, too.

We were so excited about our new toys that when Clemson scored, we used our iPhone lingo to express our enthusiasm.  This also shows our sometimes strange very unique personalities

My writing is in blue, for all of you non-apple gals.
(heck, I never knew who typed what when I saw these screen shots before I got the iPhone)

that's all I've got for today.

It has been rainy & my office has been super busy.

Oh, this is what I wore to work today:

Blame the rain for my hair-do.

I got this dress from Saks Off Fifth this past weekend.  Figured it would be perfect with a pair of cognac riding boots, tights, & maybe a faux fur vest!

Of course, it's still 85 degrees here.

So... wedges it was.



  1. Such a sweet iConversation! Love those moments with the boy. :)

    And doesn't the iPhone take the best pictures? I Love that one with the glass in it. No one would guess it was taken with a phone!

    I just love all of your posts and outfits of the day. Love love love!

  2. omg love the dress girl :) wish we had that store out here! so jealous you got the iphone too- i'm still a bb user but i may be switching over to the iphone family soon! xo

  3. You are the cutest thing I have ever seen ;) xoxo

  4. My 3GS was busted with cracks everywhere too! I just got the new iPhone too and am so relived to have a new phone! The camera rocks!

  5. Looks like u had an amazing boat ride, looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to get my iPhone I thought for sure it would be here today :(

  6. Yeah for Iphones! They are the best right?? Love our boat rides too, we are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place! and great find at Off 5TH. Seriously, When is the weather going to cool down?

  7. I just got my first iphone too! I was out front of the store waiting for them to open on Friday lol.
    I'm in love. I had a droid before this one, too!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I'm still stuck on the droid bandwagon.. mine isn't too old so hopefully it will do be in a little longer!

  9. Wow...I never thought I needed an iphone...until I saw your pictures! Absolutely crystal clear! I am still stuck in the android hole. So happy you were able to see the light :)

  10. so glad you're loving the new phone. i miss texting on my blackberry, way easier, but the Iphone is filled with so many great things. for one, an amazing camera. adore these pics. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a brand new Lauren Conrad Fash for Less. I hope you'll check it out. Her latest style moment is amazing. xo


  11. Welcome to the iPhone family girl! I switched from a Droid as well and fell in love! Such an awesome phone :)

  12. Welcome to the iPhone family, girl! Like you, I switched from a Droid and fell in love!

    Glad to see you had a good weekend & I enjoyed the pictures!

  13. I can't believe those were taken on an iphone! Now I reeeeally want to get rid of this blackberry! Love your dress & no I never got who was who in the iphone conversations haha; happy wednesday!

  14. I love you pictures on the iphone. I have a droid, and I'm not really feeling it. However I text like an old lady and prefer a keyboard :/

  15. That phone convo was adorable.

    Not to mention, the crystal clear images that baby took of your boating trip. Jealous!

    Glad to see you had a good weekend!

  16. Cute pics! Welcome to the iPhone club! Now y'all nee emojifree so you can have emoticon conversations! (:

  17. just saw your iphone conversation. cutest thing ever!!!! :)


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