Monday, August 22, 2011

I was featured! random weekend thoughts.

Good morning, bloggies!  Mondays are always so hard.  Was just getting used to this relaxing thing by Sunday night, then bam!, you have to wake up super early & get back into work-mode the very next morning.  Cruel!

Anyway,  I've been meaning to tell you that I was featured on a blog called Pocket Change.  They do a "Best of the Web" feature each week & they chose to highlight my blog.  Check it out here

On Friday night, Brandon and I went to dinner & had planned on going out downtown with our friends afterwards.

Dress: Francesca's, Belt: Banana Republic,  Shoes: Restricted (from small boutique, too)
My dress looks black, but it's actually navy!

But then, after we had full bellies, we decided to stay in with white-chocolate croissants and

...of course, the movie was Brandon's choice & I just went along with it.  

Saturday's plan was to get up early to go to the Farmer's Market, but sleeping in is just so much more fun, no?

Later that afternoon, we went to the beach with some friends.  This was my second time at the beach (not to ride bikes) all year long ...and I live 10 minutes away.  How sad is that? 

In my defense, we tend to go out on the boat when we want a day in the sun.  But, I always forget how fun beach days are.

It was so hot & humid that my phone's camera was taking the most hazy pictures!

We took full advantage of this beach day & stayed until midnight. 

Yes, that's right.
We had dinner at Rita's & decided to hop around Folly's "night life" ...still in bathing suits.

Sunday was all about relaxing.
I laid on the sofa and watched a chick-flick marathon on FX, which, by the way, was absolutely glorious.
Later on, Brandon and I rode our bikes to the grocery store (I have mentioned that he lives across the street from me, right?) and then I spent close to two hours ironing.

Side note:
Isn't this VBH handbag gorgeous?

For a measly $3,250.00, it, too, can be yours!

How random is this post?
...about as random as the contents of my beach bag on Saturday.



  1. Sounds likie a perfectly relaxing weekend. I love the Farmer's Market!! I love relaxing on the couch! And as long as it's a leisurly bike ride, I love that too. One Sunday my friend convinced me ride bikes around a local lake with her. Thinking about how much I loved ridiing my bike as a kid I was excited to go with! Until I realized it was a 12 mile bike ride mostly uphill. HORRIBLE and never again. My ass hurt so bad from riding I could barely walk. And trust me, I have plenty of pading back there. I'll just stick to the treadmill/elliptical for now on. YIKES!

  2. congrats on being featured! awesome girl! I love love love that black dress you cute! and so jealous that you were able to stay at the beach until midnight ...looks like you had a good weekend!

    have a good day!


  3. That handbag is gorrrgeous!!

  4. I am going to need an explanation of white chocolate croissants b.c that sounds amazing!

  5. I was suppossed to go to the Farmers Market too but bagged it. I am def going this Saturday I need some fresh produce. Love your one-shoulder dress!

  6. Congratulations on being featured! I love that dress, and those shoes. And I love Rita's. We ate there on vacay this year, and it was the best 'beach food' I had all week. Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! Don't feel bad, I live 10 minutes away from Venice/Santa Monica beach and I have been twice this year too:(

  8. New reader here. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm soooo jealous you're in Charleston. I hope you're preparing for the possible hurricane!

  9. Girl you are gorgeous! Great ensemble.

  10. LOVE your Black dress!!!!!! SO cute! how do you pull off a black dress with brown shoes!!? Brave girl! I don't know if I could do that! :)

    What book were you reading on the beach?

  11. I feel like almost every blogger watched Something Borrowed this weekend. I still need to see it!

  12. Love the navy dress! How was "Something Borrowed"? I haven't seen it yet!


  13. Congratulations on the Best of the Web Feature!



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