Friday, August 12, 2011

hodge podge of this week's events

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! 

I had a great time celebrating with my family and friends.  Since I already had dinner with Brandon on Monday night, then the two of us & a bunch of our friends had dinner on Tuesday night, it was definitely time to see my family on Wednesday (my actual birthday!).  My parents drove to Charleston for dinner and to see my new place, now that it's completely decorated (ahh...except for a few pictures that need to be hung).  We did miss my brother, though!

Everyone knows my love for all things sweet, so....

I ended up with three cakes!

 Brandon took me to lunch on my birthday, then surprised me with this double chocolate cake when we got back to my office.  He even sang "Happy Birthday" to me all by himself ...because he is just as sweet as this cake :)

My parents brought me this cake.  These long candles are my favorite!  

 Then... my sweet roommate made me this cake!  She is so talented!

So let's just say, these cakes (except for the last one since I didn't cut it until last night) have been put up for grabs at my office.  My co-workers love/hate me for it.

Speaking of co-workers...  My boss got me a plant & a balloon!

(Leopard print balloon & pink flowers on that plant ...she knows me so well already!)

Later on, this cute arrangement arrived from my mom!

The vase is so unique... I've never seen on quite like it. 
Nice change from the million clear vases I have that are leftover from arrangements throughout the years.  (Why is it that those vases are so hard to throw away?  I mean, I only need a couple on-hand, but can't part with them. They are taking up so much room under my sink!)

Oh, I also received a life-size card from my "Gigi."  It was shipped to me from Myrtle Beach.  Can't believe that I've forgotten to take a picture of it!  What a unique way of sending birthday love! I will get a picture posted soon. 

...and for some other random things...

I painted my nails California Coral by Essie.  This is such a fun color for summer!

And I've tried out the "short & wavy" style for my hair à la Olivia Palermo.

Okay. Not a good comparison since the heat index of 115 degrees + humidity had gotten a hold of me by this time.  But you get the idea.

Oh, here's an OOTD from about a week ago that I never posted.

J Crew tunic, Express shorts, Sam Edelman sandals, Kate Spade purse

...and from Tuesday night's group birthday dinner at Taco Boy:

Lauren Conrad dress.  Wedges from a small, local boutique.

Britney (roommate) & me at Taco Boy.

Since then, I've just been enjoying the finer things in life.

Is that enough for today?
I think so.

Brandon and I are hitting the road this afternoon to go to Rock Hill for a wedding.  B is actually one of the groomsmen, as he has known the groom since he was a little boy!  They even lived together in college at Clemson.  We are looking forward to seeing lots of friends & to practicing our new shagging moves we've learned so far in our lessons :)

Have a fabulous Friday!

PS.  To all of my Charleston bloggers! I am SO sad to have missed out on the meet-up last night at Social.  The children's hospital (where I work) is in the middle of our 18th Annual "Fishing for Miracles" Tournament.  So, I had registration duties all afternoon/evening at Ripley Light Marina.  Hated to have missed out on meeting you ladies.  Next time!


  1. Awww! Sounds like you had a great time!!! And three cakes?! THAT IS AWESOME! Is that double chocolate cake from Publix?? <3

  2. Seems like you had an awesome birthday! I love that leopard balloon - too cute!

    Also, I'm thinkin' about trying the short and wavy style. I have about the same length hair as you. Wish me luck! Haha

  3. Glad you had such a fun birthday week! Ripley light marina is where we keep the boat. My husband was down on tues to do the camp kemo cruise for all the kids! Does your hospital have anything to do with that?

  4. I love that purple blouse - super cute!

  5. 3 birthday cakes! Oh man! just shows how loved you are! Looks like you had an amazing birthday!!! :)

  6. Aww, Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great day! Love that balloon! So cute!

    & your hair looks great! I'm planning on going more 'natural' at the end of the month - I know I've said that before, but I mean an obvious difference this time, hehe ;)


  7. Thought you might appreciate this "Keep Calm & have a Cupcake" Planner! Super cute.

  8. Looks like an awesome birthday! :)
    Hello, Yoo-Hoo! I'd rather have that over most drinks any day!

  9. Didn't realize Britney was your roomie! She and I took classes together last spring semester! She was super sweet!


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