Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday (A Day Late)

I'm loving the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer.  It's fantastic. I've used many primers and this is by far the best on my skin.  Fabulous for combination to oily skin!

I'm loving the smoothies I've been having for breakfast in the mornings.

I include ice, nonfat yogurt, coffee, banana, chocolate protein powder, and (gasp!) spinach leaves, which cannot be tasted, by the way.
It is quite delightful, if I do say so myself! Only about 250-300 calories and about 30g of protein.

Speaking of food, I'm loving the dinner we had at Coast the night before last!

I had the Lobster & Crab Gratin.
Half lobster stuffed with blue crab meat, lobster, and parmesan cream herb breadcrumb crust, green beans, and parmesan mashed potatoes

Except ... notice that I don't have any mashed potatoes on my plate.  Random tidbit about me, I hate mashed potatoes.  Nothing a substitution of seasoned fries couldn't fix! I swear the waiter looked at me like I was crazy for ordering fries with my lobster, but hey... I'm a french fry girl, okay?

Brandon had the Plantain Encrusted Mahi Mahi.
Blue cheese mashed potatoes, asparagus, and sweet basil butter sauce

I would highly recommend Coast Bar and Grill.  It was filmed in the movie, Dear John, too!
If you've seen the movie, you might recognize the alley leading to the restaurant.

View the menu by clicking here.

I'm loving my always faithful, respectful, funny, loving boyfriend.

I realize that I have about 400 more followers now than when I posted our "story."  If you're interested in hearing about how we met and how he was my first boyfriend, click here to check it out.

In that post, I included old pictures of the two of us, up until 2010.  To make it more up to date, here are a handful of photos we've taken so far this year!

well...this one was at the end of 2010! oops!

I just about ended this post with "Happy Wednesday!" but was then reminded that it is Thursday.  I swear this week has been so hectic for me & I'm losing my brain!

XO sistahs.


  1. That smoothie sounds so good, I'll have to try it! You and Brandon are seriously the most attractive couple ever!! Happy Thursday :-)

  2. you two are adorbes! and that lobster looks soooo yummy!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE Coast. Always so good! Your smoothie sounds delicious too!

  4. I can't believe you don't like mashed potatoes! That is my all time favorite food haha (unfortunately!)! That smoothie sounds absolutely delicious. I need to start waking up early enough to make a proper smoothie or even a proper breakfast. Are you liking the protein powder so far?

  5. yall are too cute! your hair falls so pretty! what is your secret??

  6. I LOOOOVE the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer too! I use it's so nice and light! and that lobster is making my mouth water!! YUM!

  7. I'll have to try that smoothie! Coffee and chocolate! Sign me up!


  8. I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with photo finish! Isn't it seriously the BEST?!?!

  9. Your smoothies sound delicious! I think I'm going to have to give those a try!

    I might have to put the Smashbox primer on my to-try list as well. I'm currently using Too Faced Primed and Poreless but I love to try new products.

    You and your boy are super precious! You make a beautiful couple. :)

    Life with Elizabeth

  10. I might just have to try out your smoothie girlfriend! Sounds delish. Even with a little spinach in there!
    Also- I lived in Charleston for a full summer during college (originally from KY and went to college there) and I NEVER WENT TO COAST!!
    It's one of those places that is on my list!!

    Also you and your beau are adorable together :)

    much love

  11. your bf's dish looks divine!!
    loved Dear John but hated the ending!!

  12. Oooh..I need the amounts for the ingredients in that smoothie recipe of yours. I want to try it!

    You and your bf are so cute together...about to go read your story.

    And Coast is delicious! Love eating there...

  13. y'all are so cute!! your smoothie actually sounds really yummy and I haven't ever tried Coast before so next time I visit SC I'll def have to go! xo

  14. You and Brandon are the cutest! Now I am hungry after your pics...looks amazing. Heidi

  15. I went to Coast about 2 weeks ago and I have been raving about it ever since! Delicious food and tasty drinks!

  16. I make smoothies pretty similar to that! Love your blog-spent most of the day during a boring conference reading it!

  17. Cute pic's! Love your outfits :)


  18. You and your boyfriend are simply adorable. Not to mention your story is straight out of a movie!

  19. You are a beautiful couple! Your story is so similar to me and my husbands! PS- your food looked amazing.

  20. Coast is incredible! Next time try the braised grouper! It's so delishous.

    Hope you've had a Happy Waterfestival!

  21. You guys look so Beutiful together! Wow!! So happy for you!

    Im your new follower!



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