Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confessions, Obsessions, and Some Questions!

1.  I'm obsessed with looking at pictures of food on Pinterest.
Makes me want to start cooking right this instant.

See for yourself...

Avocado Fries

Baked Crab Rangoons

Roasted Veggie Enchiladas

Zucchini Pizza

I'll stop now with the food. 
Making me hungry.

2.  I have no clue what "Words with Friends" is.  

Is it just like a scrabble game? 

Someone enlighten me, because it seems to be a big topic of conversation in the Twitter-verse and I don't like being out of the loop. 

3.  I am simply smitten with light grey walls.

So tranquil.  I need some grey walls in my life.

4.  I've mentioned before that, even though I want to start cooking (i.e. #1), I am completely clueless in the kitchen.
This brings me to my confession...

I have no earthly idea what a pressure cooker is.

It kind of looks like a crock pot, sort of like a fryer.
...and well, that's all I've got to say about that.

5.   I just have to ask.

Is this weird or absolutely genius?

6.  I've become the biggest "softy" recently.
So many things make my heart melt, be it a sad or sweet story, or maybe a sweet picture.

You all know that I have a soft spot for baby animals.

Okay, maybe he's not the most handsome little guy, but how amazing is it to see a hippo, an animal that gets so massive, at this tiny size?

And how sweet is this photo of a grandmother holding her grandchild's hands?

I hope I can have a similar photo of my Memie & baby's hands to cherish one day!

7.  Online shopping is my drug of choice.

Honestly- I rarely go to stores anymore.

Most online shops have free shipping & possibly even free return shipping, too.

8.  I would love to open a small delicatessen one day & serve drinks in mason jars.

That's enough for tonight.

Hope you all have had a great Wednesday.
We are over the hump!


All photos via Pinterest


  1. I am also a pinterest addict!!!!!

    ❀ Christine
    Living in the Moment

  2. I love drinks in mason jars..I have no idea why it seems to taste better but it truly does. There's this place in Dallas that has this amazing ice tea served in giant mason jars. It's delish!

  3. Looks like someone is very obsessed with pinning as well! Because some of the images are so recognizable!
    I love little masons, they warm my heart.
    And that little hippo! Oh my!

    PS. I don't know what "words with friends" or a pressure cooker is. Sorry I'm no help!

  4. I saw the fried avocado on Pinterest today too. So weird. Words With Friends is scrabble on your phone!! Get it!!!

  5. I won that cereal bowl on a blog giveaway. It's a great idea and I also use it for oreos and milk or chips and salsa, but it's reallllyyy big.

  6. Ha:) too funny, thought I was alone on drooling when I saw the yummy food on pinterest! But it never tastes or looks as good when I try to make it!! I need to follow you on there too, loving the grey !!!

  7. avocado fries? OMG! DELISH!!!!! I too, have NO CLUE what "words with friends" is. no clue.

    #5. I saw weird. The point of cereal and milk is for the cereal to get a little moist with the milk, right?

    that grandmother/granddaughter photo? MELT.

    I am an online shopping addict. much to my husbands dismay.

  8. I Lurrrve Pinterest! Words with friends is so overrated. I generally abuse the WWF during the flu season when I have nothing else to do whilst having strep throat and it is dark outside at 3:30pm and then I get frustrated and cheat like a mf (scooze the language) to win because I tend to be competitive. hahaha. I laugh, but I am not kidding. I cheated on wwf. Who does that? Evidently this loser does!

    ANY-WHO... love shrimp rangoons!

  9. I too am obsessed with food on pinterest!! They always have the most delish recipes. Now I am starving after looking at those pictures.

  10. I pinned that zucchini pizza the other day and I'm thinking I should make it for dinner tonight!

  11. That zucchini pizza looks amazing. I have to try that ASAP! Also- that baby hippo.. I WANT ONE. So precious. I love this post!

  12. What a great post!! However, I am really hungry now!

  13. I love the idea of serving drinks in mason jars. I am hosting a bridal shower in two weeks and am thinking it's a must.
    I just joined pinterest and can't wait to start playing!

  14. Ah i all those foods sound amazing!!
    Oh and i have words with friends! It's a scrabble game with your friends. It's fun :)

  15. love it all!!!!! that hippo pick is precious and that grandmother pic with the hands priceless!
    such a cute post!!!!

  16. Love your confessions...I also have no clue what a pressure cooker is!
    As far as WWF goes...don't get caught up! Download Hanging with Friends instead. It's a hangman spelling game...if you have an iPhone or Android also I believe :)

  17. Ok, first of all now I'm starving! ;) I've never tried avocado pickles but I'm obsessed with fried pickles - mmm!

    Secondly, I love those grey walls! So stunning!

    & yes, words with friends is like scrabble :) I think my user name is 'megjanean', if you ever want to play :)


  18. That hippo baby is the cutest thing I've ever seen and avocado fries? Where have those been my whole life?!

  19. Oh my gosh that baby hippo is soooo adorable! I just want to pick him up! I love baby animals too! Love gray walls to - thanks for reminding me - ha! And mason jars remind me of a sweet country day! Thanks for sharing!

  20. haha i think that cereal bowl is genious- I hate soggy cereal! and I think that hippo is precious- hard to believe one day it will be ginormous!!

    annd that hand picture- i'm in love. such a great idea!

  21. this post made me fall in love with you blog. cant remember how i found it but am glad i did :)
    1) i can't stare at pictures of food coz it always makes me hungry :P
    2)dont know either lol
    3)me too :)
    4)pressure cooker does amazing cooking..
    5)hum.. dont know
    6)never actually seen a hippo so small before aww..
    7)online shopping is great but i still enjoy the fun of trying everything at the store even when sometimes i know i wont buy the item :P
    8)fun idea, i love the first picture :)

  22. aww!! i had no idea hippos are that small when their babies. so cute!


  23. Oh my goodness what a cute little hippo! lol And all of that food looks so GOOD! I'm loving Pinterest right now too..


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