Sunday, July 31, 2011

50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time (okay, or just 10)

I recently received my makeover issue of InStyle Magazine (a.k.a my fashion/beauty bible).
My favorite part of this issue was the section called, "The 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time."  I liked it so much that I thought I'd relay some of my favorite tips to my lovely readers --just in case you're not a subscriber to the mag! 

Here are my 10 favorite fashion tips!

1. Own a white cotton button-down. 

So classic.
The mag suggests to go ahead and buy three if you find a style that fits you perfectly. 
(They have a short shelf-life.)

2.  Think in multiples. 

Expanding upon #1... 
If you find a dress or a pair of pants that fits you perfectly, buy multiples in different colors!
When it works, why question it?

Think Jackie O.  She had a closet full of sheath dresses in different colors!  

3.  Throw on a scarf. 

I'm a huge fan of a great scarf.  I wear them all the time, whether it be winter or summer.  It can transform a simple t-shirt or dress in such a simple, chic way! 

4.  Edit your closet.

You should be able to see all of your clothes without rummaging.  Donate clothes you haven't worn within the past year! 

By the way, how much do the feministic touches in that closet just make you swoon?

5.  When in doubt, wear nude pumps.

When matched to your skin tone, they'll make your legs look a mile long!

6.  Own at least one leopard-print item.
It's a perfect way to add a statement to an outfit.  Do keep it to just ONE leopard item per outfit, though!
Super glamorous! 

7.   Don't buy a "bargain" if you don't love it. 

It's better to have quality than quantity.  Don't be fooled by a great sale ...only buy it if you LOVE it!

8.  Make friends with a great tailor. 

Such a difference can be made when your clothes fit your body perfectly! 
Why own a $100 pair of trousers if they are ill-fitting?

9.  Pair loose with tight.

If you wear skinny jeans, pair it with a more flowing top (unless you have a Victoria's Secret model body, that is ...or if you're tiny & petite like Audrey Hepburn!).

Likewise, if you wear wide-leg trousers, pair them with a more tailored-fitting top. 

It's all about balancing out your outfits!

10.  Add an element of surprise.

Jazz up your LBD or classic outfit by one funky accessory, like a bold necklace, a colorful bag or a bright pump! 

Love the pop of color in this LBD/clutch combo!

Did anyone else read this section of the InStyle Makeover issue? What are some of your favorite tips that I left out?


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  1. ahh I love this, love the scarves :)

  2. I LOVE all of these tips!! I basically need to go buy a white cotton button down, a scarf, and then I'm set!! :) Thank you!

  3. Ok sorry about my previous 3 letter comment! I love InStyle and look forward to it in my mailbox every month. And the 10 you choose are absolutely perfect! Great post. :)

  4. i read it! i love that magazine. i'm big on scarfs. in fact i bought two this's a bad addiction.

    thanks for reminding me of the others.

    xoxo, jamie

  5. I don't have a subscription to InStyle, so thank you so much for posting these tips! It sounds as if I'm going to need to pick this issue up!

    I'm new to blogging and would love for you to stop by!

  6. I did not read this, so I am so glad you posted this my little fashion diva ;) Totally agree with all of the above!

  7. These are all awesome tips! Thanks for sharing :) The tip about bargains is so true! It's so easy to want to make that purchase when it's buy one get one 1/2 off or even just a killer mark-down. But, I keep trying to remind myself to LOVE the item and not just the deal. It's hard sometimes but I hate looking at my closet and seeing clothes with the tags still on them :(

  8. I must say I love all of the above. . . loving the white button down and jeans. sooo ready for fall outfits--skinny jeans, scarfs, boots, & darker nail polish colors !!

  9. I agree with everything BUT the "own something leopard" tip. Can't stand animal print on clothes or stuff in a house.,,not my style.

  10. I love these!! They're all things I know but kind of forget sometimes so I'm thankful for the reminder! :)

  11. I just read this issue on the beach today -- I agree, I loved all the tips.

  12. thank you so much for those tips!!! i'm always searching for great ideas! p.s. love your blog!!


  13. Love the advice of making friends with a tailor! Never even thought of that but can definitely see how it would come in handy. I'm gonna have to get on that:)

  14. These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! I totally don't have a white button up top. I need to invest in a few of those! :)

  15. I am the queen of buying stuff in mulitple colors if it fits! I have one dress in 4 colors, ha

  16. i buy stuff i don't love just because it's on sale. fail. :(

    great post, i want a white button down, stat!

  17. Very weird, but ever since I saw that pic of Eva in that shirt, I've been looking for a similar one (a cheapy one is just fine) and I have had no luck.

    I also don't own a pair of nude heels/pumps.. I need to get some of those too!

  18. Such great tips! I agree with all! Especially buying multiples and wearing nude heels - my FAVE! That closet pic is ah-mazing by the way :)


  19. LOVED this post!! So helpful! Thank you for sharing..subscribing to instyle as I type :)

  20. Hi! This is way late but I just made it through my InStyle Makeover issue and think there's one more very important tip to include: "Embrace Your Shape." I love how they tell you to "filter trends ruthlessly" once you figure out what works for YOU. Trends are fun, but all trends are not for everyone!

    Love your blog, by the way:-)


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