Thursday, June 2, 2011

Since I've been gone...

Here are some pictures to catch you up on a few things:

I've had some fun nights with great people!

Me (far left), Jenna, Sydney, and Lauren

Brandon has helped me deal with my phobia of ironing my clothes.

We satisfied our sushi cravings at O-ku!
My OOTN (paired with a black draped sweater):

BCBG dress

Brandon and I went to his family reunion in McCormick, SC. Before we left Charleston, I had more blonde added to my hair. 

Dear God,
I don't know what color my natural hair color is, but I think I've recently gotten pretty close to it.
Sorry to change that, but I'm prettier with bright blonde highlights.  
Hope you don't mind.

After moving all day on Memorial Day, an outdoor dinner at Folly Beach was much needed.


J. Crew dress, Orange wedges from a local boutique, straw bag from Steinmart, Blonde hair from Salon Capelli :)

I enjoyed a relaxing beach day with one of my dearest girlfriends

Then later, we enjoyed an awesome dinner with our beaus 

The fish is Cobia that Brandon caught on Sunday when he went offshore fishing. He marinated it with lime vinaigrette good!


Express shorts, Banana Republic blouse, BCBG sandals
Oh, and back to Folly for another (unhealthy) meal last night!

Taco Boy has mouth-watering nachos...
& no, I have zero shame in having them for my meal, thank you very much.

Then we went on a long beach bike ride to work it off!

That is all.


  1. Love the straw bag-goes with everything! We tried catching cobia on our way back in from fishing but had no luck!
    Taco Boy-jealous! I miss it. Heading back to Charleston this weekend, must go!

  2. All your beach and eating pictures are getting me super anxious for my trip down there in a little over a week!

  3. I need those Taco Boy nachos ASAP! I have that BCBG dress but haven't found the right time to wear it yet. :( Your hair looks great!

  4. awh girl it looks like you have a fabulous weekend! all your outfits are super cute! ps they did a great job on your hair! xo

  5. Love, love, love that black and blue BCBG dress! It looks great on you... love me some BCBG. I've been buying a lot of their dresses lately off of RueLaLa and Ideeli.

    All your outfits are cute - that straw bag is adorable. And Steinmart of all places! I need to start shopping there...I never think to.

  6. Cute pics! Phobia of ironing? lol Love it. I feel like such a bad wife because I absolutely despise ironing so my husband's work patns area always wrinkled! lol I need to figure something out soon!

    New follower!

  7. That royal blue shirt and white shorts looks fantastic together! I like the long sleeves with the shorts! Looks like a greattt weekend :-)

  8. Love all your outfits, especially the last one! And the blond highlights look great!

    Where is that Taco place? Is it a chain?

  9. You just made me really hungry looking at all of that yummy food. You have had a lot of fun stuff happening lately! Not sure that I told you yesterday, but congrats on your new job!

  10. That all sounds amazing! I love your white dress! :)

  11. I love that white dress and the wedges. All of the food looks delicious!

  12. So SO happy I just found your adorable blog! :) What has taken me so dang long? You are adorable... looks like you've had a lot of fun lately with some great people! Love that dress!

  13. Wanted to ask you...did you recently get that Bannana Republic blouse? Its cute..I looked for it last weekend, but couldn't find it. LOVE your blog...also Congrats on new job! :)

  14. That Folly Beach dinner looks delish and I love your orange wedges!


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