Wednesday, June 15, 2011 case you were wondering

Okay, so I feel like such a hypocrite because back in Jan-March, I was constantly blogging about how much I love all of my fitness classes at the gym & telling you about other exercise tidbits.  

Well, if you must know ...I kind of took a little break from the gym since then.  

That is, until this week.  
Literally 20 yards away from my office is the gym.  You know, since it is summer and all ...and since I'm going to have to stare at the gym every day, I decided to join. 


Has anyone made any great Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale purchases?

Is there anything I need to run to the store to buy? 

It is killing me that I wasn't in that store yesterday when it opened to be the first one into the sale.  
Yes, I usually am that person.

But, with the new job ...that's not possible.  Then when I work until 5pm and stay at the gym till 6:30, all I want to do is go home and eat dinner/relax.  

Plus, I always buy things I don't need at the VS Semi Annual Sale ...and this little gal needs to hold on to every red cent.  That is, unless it's an emergency.  (For example: the 10 bathing suits I ordered from VS last weekend WERE, in fact, an emergency.)  Hey!- I'll return the ones I don't like, so I figured I'd order enough to have lots of options! :)


I have yet to get my dad a Father's Day present ....any ideas?  
My dad is a man who has everything he wants/needs.  In other words, if there's something he wants, he buys it.   Usually, that's just limited to fishing equipment, clothes, golf clubs.  
If he doesn't have it, he doesn't want it.
See what I'm saying?

I need to get creative.  I need some ideas, ladies! 


This nail polish receives my best of all-time award.
Essie's Ballet Slippers

It is the perfect nude that instantly makes your look more "polished" Ok, no pun intended.


A couple days ago, Brandon and I got bored and went to Blockbuster to rent Marie Antoinette because he has always wanted to see it. 

I kid ...I've always wanted to see it.  
While we were there, we found a 550 piece Marilyn Monroe puzzle on sale for $2.  

Figured it would be a relaxing project to do on a lazy day. 

Did I mention this puzzle is in all black & white?

HELLO, do you know what 550 pieces of black & white looks like?  
I'll tell you.
Each piece looks exactly the same.

 Heck, it took 10 minutes just to turn every piece on the right side! 

...aaand, precisely ONE Marie Antoinette and TWO puzzle masters later:


Also, did I mention I've already cracked my new phone?  To my new readers, I cracked the screen of my Droid in a million pieces about two months ago.  Instead of "cracked," I should say destroyed. Got a new phone, got a great case, then broke the new one.  The screen is shattered. 

Even more pitiful.

That is all.

Happy Wednesday, loves.



  1. Good for your for joining the gym! My gym is also literally a block away, so every time I don't go after work, I can't help but feel a bit guilty. Right now I go 2-3 times a week. I'm impressed you stay a whole hour and a half!
    Love the nail polish color btw!

  2. I love, love, love puzzles! :) You should frame it when you're done - that would be cute.

    Totally know how you feel about saving money... I've put myself on an online shopping ban because I desperately need to save money for my Bach and other wedding things... but there are some things that I absolutely need - like the Lilly dresses I bought off RueLaLa last week... I mean.. I'll wear some of them to wedding :)

  3. How did you hurt your new cell? Yikes!!! I don't think you have to worry about your break from the gym lol you are so tiny!!!!

  4. I finally got back into the gym today!!! I hope I don't slack off again, i felt awful during those 3 weeks.

    Thanks again for emailing me a few weeks ago. I just got back from Charleston and had a blast. We visited so many wonderful places, I am jealous that it is your home. Magnolias was out of this world, also Fleet Landing. Ahh.

  5. Ohhh no!! (about your phone) I hate cell phones for that reason! Glad you joined back at the gym, you'll love feeling good about yourself - even though you're already gorgeous! And, I haven't gotten a fathers day gift yet either... eeek!!

  6. Ahh! I feel like I always break my phone! I need to continue to work out on a regular basis. It the hardest trying to make yourself go!

  7. I used to be that person waiting for the store to open! I went yesterday, and while I was waiting in a long line realized I only reallyyyy needed 1 out of the 5 things I was holding.

  8. That is a gorgeous polish color! Kori xoxo

  9. Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog but I just love it, always puts a smile on my face!

    I was in the same predicament with my dad and then my mom suggested I make him a beer tasting basket. I am going to go to Michael's and buy a huge basket to fill up with different beers and also baggies of fun snacks to go along with the drinks!

    ps- yay for going back to the gym!

  10. love that nail polish, a fave essie nude is also sand tropez.
    what sis you think of marie antoinette? and you are a brave one for doing that puzzle!!! im ashamed but they hurt my brain.

  11. I am the same way about feeling like I'm missing out on something if I'm not there righttt when it starts. Like when our Forever 21 opened here in Raleigh (a day I had waited for, for like 5 years) I got out of bed, sick as a dog, to be at the grand opening at like 6am, ha

  12. I have been meaning to pick up "ballet slippers" for a long, long time. It's such a dainty color!

  13. Oooh, I just bought "Ballet Slippers"! How many coats did you use? Love it!

    I hope you decide to post more fitness tips in the future! I'm really trying to get myself into a routine. ;)


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