Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Well, silly me somehow downloaded malware on my new MacBook Pro last night.  

I clicked on a secure website, but instead of what I expected to appear, it was a site that said, "Your computer has 1239 threats!!! Download MacBook Defender."  

I clicked out of it, but then noticed that MacBook Defender/Protector/Whatever it's called was appearing down in my navigation bar.  It was still prompting me to download it.

So what did I do?

Oh, you know.. I downloaded it.

Bad idea! 
It was malware.

So today, Brandon and I went downtown to have this all cleaned up.  
Thank goodness for the genius bar.

While we were down there, we went shopping of course! 

I built up my wish-list with these items...

1. Pandora Bracelet

I love the double leather bracelet! 

2.  Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Bamboo Beige

I forgot how much I LOVE this foundation until I tried it on again today in Blue Mercury! 

3.  Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Peach Mosaic

Such a pretty highlight color!

4.  Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon in Coral Pink

It's so pigmented & the most gorgeous everyday summer color.

...but, I did have an impulse purchase.

Kate Spade Evangeline Gold Coast Shimmer Handbag

The straps can be doubled up like this:

...or you can pull on the strap to wear it like this:
Oh come on, you know you like my bedroom slippers!
I love the quote on the dust bag!

I think I need that coral lip crayon now.

Happy Saturday, beauties.


  1. oh my gosh i really want a pandora bracelet too!

  2. I totally have the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc! It is seriously my new fav. I have to do a review along with other new items from my Sephora trip!

  3. LOVE the purse... good purchase :) xoxo

  4. I just got my first pandora bracelet and I love it!

    my co worker has that bag and it's gorgeous!

  5. That sucks about the malware! I did that on my work computer and the IT guy had to come fix it. It's so tricky because it practically forces you to download the virus under the guise of protecting you from viruses!!!

  6. oy first rule of thumb when owning a mac my dear...there is no anti virus nor would you ever need it on it unless you do what you accidentally say no to the daunting clicks! I hope everything is okay on your oh so new macbookpro!

  7. I love Pandora! I've been wanting the color leather bracelet you have here - I have a black/greyish one now and I silver (not rope). Love all of your wish-list items actually ...


  8. Ok, I have a zillion comments that I could make, so I will keep it to only a few. That Pandora bracelet is super cute. I have a traditional/original one that my aunt got me and I must confess I have worn once. I am going to have to try the Laura Mercier Bloc. I normally use the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, but it just shattered and is all over the place. Adorable Kate Spade purse!

    Very cute pics of you two riding bikes. And I love all of the NYC pics! You went to some places that I didn't even think about going! Carrie's house! And I never made it to Ground Zero, which made me kinda sad. Just goes to show that there are tons of things to do. And an excuse for another trip!

    Congrats on graduating!!!

  9. I didn't think that Macs could get malware! Scary! I'm glad it could be fixed, though.

    I LOVE that purse!

  10. That happened to me a few weeks ago, but luckily I did not download--at least you got a shopping trip out of the debacle!

  11. That coral lip color looks PERFECT! I have to go test it out :)

    And that quote in the Kate Spade bag is too cute!


  12. I got suckered into a Kate Spade bag when they had their sample sale! Loveeeee her.


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