Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's not dwell on the first picture, ok?

Hi beauties! 

I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
...ehh, never liked that phrase, but it fits.

Point is, I haven't had a chance to update you on my weekend. I know many of you had to be concerned about my Friday plans because my hint was a picture of a drag queen.

Well, I did just that ...I went to a drag show.  

Okay, okay ...not by my own free will.  Two other ladies and I are doing research regarding gender and communication, so we were there to take notes! Kind of.

Here's a picture of a drag queen I saw...

You know, all I have to say about it is that 
a. It was an eye-opening experience
b. I can say I've done it
c. I'm never going back

Okay, moving on, shall we? 
(I'm having flashbacks.)

Earlier that day, I painted my nails with Essie's California Coral. Love it!

Perfect coral color for Spring/Summer.

After a quick visit with my sweet parents who were driving through town, Brandon came to scoop me up.  Charleston was a busy place this past weekend, with the bridge run and the Family Circle Cup crowds.  So we parked far away at the spot I rent in a parking garage and decided to make the long walk.

You can always find interesting things on a walk. 

You know it's going to be a good night when you come across a giant tub of ice cream. Oh, and the cow.  Case in point.

But this little gal had on some super high heels (surprise, surprise), so we took a rickshaw the rest of the way to our favorite bar, Midtown.

Once there, I found one of my great friends, Jenna, who I haven't seen in FOREVER!

...and Brandon made friendly with the ladies.

Actually, Jenna was in town for a bachelorette party and the bride had a "to-do list" task to complete.

I think it was "Pucker your lips at a stranger."

At this point, I had to leave to go to the gay bar. 
So, that's where pictures stop! 
You understand. 

Let's fast forward to Sunday night because I have an OOTD.

Brandon and I went to dinner at Folly Beach.  We love how Charleston has a little bit of everything. In less than ten miles, you can go from the downtown scene to a relaxed beach atmosphere.

Dress: Lauren Conrad

Since we were heading to the beach for dinner, I decided to go for a beachy hairstyle. I just dampened the ends of my hair, braided two side-braids, and did my makeup.  After they dried, I pulled it out and touched up here and there with a curling iron.  Very messy, but cute, beach hair!

Let's press the fast forward button again to today, aka Brandon's birthday!

I woke up at an unheard of time (for me, at least) to drive way across town to Brandon's office before anyone arrived.  I wanted to have a surprise waiting for him when he got there.  I also jump at any excuse to make a cubicle cuter. 

Actually, it's still not very cute. Sorry babe. 

The cards on the cubie say, "Happy Birthday Brandon"   ...all complete with two Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuits.  Brandon doesn't eat breakfast, but if I entice him with something tasty, then he will. At least he better have eaten them!

Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate.  

So, to Brandon (I know you're reading this!)...

Happy Birthday! 
I love you to the moon and back!!



  1. You're so sweet to leave him the surprises at work! :) Love the beachy hair too...

  2. What a sweet surprise for your boyfriend! And I love that Lauren Conrad dress, beautiful color!

  3. I love the birthday surprise!!! Too cute! And thank you for telling us how you did your hair like that! I have been trying different ways but not the way you did yours! I'm trying it tomorrow! Have a good day!

  4. Alright Megan my love do you start the braids about at your ears and then braid on down or do you start them at the top of your head? I always struggle with this bec I've never sure which to do!! :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I love reading your comments :)

    Cmae- I start them at my ears! I have the hardest time french braiding, so I can't start the braids at the top of my head. But if you do, I'm sure it would be lovely!


  6. haha so working at a salon,
    we love the drags.
    one of our boys was showing us a picture of said drag queens on his phone, right as a male (straight) client walked by and he YELLED "whoa!!!" and i thought his eyes might pop out of his head.
    hahaha. loving this post.
    you've got guts to go to one of those places.
    they seem so intense!

  7. i can't believe you went to a drag show-- what a story! and happy birthday to brandon!

  8. I LOVE Essie *&* I love this color!


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