Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving the day we had here in Charleston.  Here's a picture I took on my phone this afternoon:

Happy Groundhog Day to us!

I'm loving NYX "When Leopard Gets Tan" Bronzer

This bronzer gives me a sunkissed glow, without being too overpowering/orange. 
It is very good quality for only $15! Plus, it's adorable.
Purchased at Ulta.

I'm loving Jergen's Natural Glow Healthy Complexion 
Daily Facial Moisturizer
It does just that ... gives me a healthy complexion.  No more pale face with this bottle of goodness. 
I apply this at night, let it dry, then apply a heavier, more moisturizing cream. 

I'm loving that I completely deserved the pizza & Dove chocolates I ate for dinner because I spent over two hours at the gym tonight! 

I did Zumba first, then Body Pump.  I'm completely in love with Body Pump because I would never do that much weight training on my own.  The class makes toning up fun! It's tough, but fun.

As for Zumba...  I have realized that I have no Latino in me. I suppose I knew that going into it.  Seeing this gal attempt the salsa is quite the sight.  
...and not a good one.

Brandon has "Man Night" on Wednesdays.  He and his buddies eat wings and shoot darts at a sports bar downtown.  So my roommate and I ate a spinach/goat cheese pizza and watched American Idol.  Chocolates for dessert! 

I'm loving the goodies I picked up at Forever 21 today.

Love the coral!

I'm loving that you can take 40% off of one item every Wednesday at Gap this month.  I bought some denim trousers that have a wide flare leg. Rachel Zoe moment.

I'm loving that I got the photos from my photo shoot in my email this morning.
It was a quick little gig, literally a 5 minute shoot.
The photographer just needed one shot for a project.
 This (above) is the shot he needed.  Since that only took about a minute or two, I asked him to take a few more photos just for fun.  Here are a couple that he took.

This one needs to be retouched desperately. This was taken on the day that I didn't feel well. (Remember when Brandon and I stayed in with a Redbox movie last Friday night?)  I can see that I didn't feel well through the photo, but I still like it because it's different & raw.

Photos: Nicholas Gore Photography

It was the windiest day I can remember. But the lighting was just perfect for the shot he needed!

Hope you all had a wonderful Hump Day! The weekend is in sight!


  1. I love that tanner!! The scarf is gorgeous...

  2. a) so jealous of your sunshine...why do I live in New England again?
    b) love your F21 finds! especially that orange bracelet!
    c) you look positively gorg in your photos...the lighting was definitely perfect, but you looked stunning :)

    happy almost thursday! xoxo {av}

  3. I have come to notice you def have a thing for scarfs!!! love that! Teach me how to wrap them right puh Lease! lol I am bad at it!

  4. I randomly came across your blog. Love your outfits. You should definitely do a "closet sale" on here when you are ready to clean out! :)

    Oh, and I'm super jealous of your warm weather (as we have an icestorm and horrible winds!)

  5. 1. Definitely going to be buying that bronzer.
    2. Zumba is one of the best and most fun workouts that I've ever done. Even if you don't have rhythm, it's still fun....and you'd never know that you're really getting a good workout!
    3. LOVE that coral bracelet.
    4. Those photos are STUNNING.

  6. That scarf is lovely!! And the pictures. You are gorgeous!!

  7. 1) that picture of chuckteezy is gorgeous.
    2) i live for F21 and I love your finds. i didn't know they had one in charleston already. i heard rumors though.
    3) you are gorgeous my friend. love the photos.

  8. The weather was so so nice yesterday! Cute F21 finds!

  9. I love your F21 buys!
    You are incredibly beautiful girl, wow.
    Happy Thursday! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! You are stunning! How great was that waether yesterday and how much do you love F21?? I almost bought that same bracelet, I love it!

  11. I have that bronzer and I love it!! The pics look gorgeous!

  12. Hey Meg!
    I just came across your blog and am really enjoying it!
    Quick question- I read that you no longer use tanning beds. How do you keep your skin looking so tanned in the winter. In your pics it definitely looks natural, not out of a bottle.
    What's the secret?

  13. Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone!

    Daily Garb- I did swear off tanning beds & completely recommend it! (This is coming from a girl that used to get in the tanning bed 3/4 of the year!) My skin looks and feels so much better now.

    Naturally, I always have a little color to my skin (Thanks to my always tan Dad). But to give my skin an extra boost of color during the winter months, I use Jergens Healthy Complexion facial tanner. On my body, I use Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanner in Medium. Sometimes, I just mix it in with my lotion. At night, I'll use Jergen's Natural Glow lotion for the body. I don't use it during the day because it stinks! That way, it soaks in at night and I can wash off the smell in my morning shower!

    I've never been spray tanned professionally, but plan to next month. I'll be sure to blog about it!

    I would also try the bronzer I listed in this post. It's amazing!

    Hope this helps!

  14. I am so jealous you are getting to enjoy the new Forever 21 in Charleston! I can't wait to get back to visit! I'm passing along this Stylish Blogger Award to you and hope you play along!

  15. I bet that the bronzer not only works well, but it is super cute, too!

    OMG, you are gorgeous in that photo!!!!!


  16. I've been wanting to try that bronzer, so glad to hear you have a good review!


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