Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 5: A Picture of Your Favorite Memory

There is no way I could pick just one favorite memory, so this post will have multiple photos!

Some of my all time favorite memories are with these girls right here.  We lived together in college at Coastal Carolina University (before I transferred to the College of Charleston).  They are so much fun and hold a special place in my heart! We had so many fun nights in that little apartment.

We also had some fun Halloweens! 

I will always love the memories I have of Coastal football games.  Primarily because my brother is a Coastal football fanatic.  He gets so emotionally involved in the games ...I think it's hilarious. 

See? He's jumping up and down & screaming while everyone else is sitting so calmly. 

The girls and I just enjoyed the tailgating aspects of the games!

Another memory I often look back on is my spur of the moment trip to NYC with two dear friends.  I called them one afternoon and said, "Hey, would y'all like to go to NYC in two weeks?"  Without hesitation, they were on board! What fun friends.

We stayed up almost all night after seeing a Broadway play.  We ate our weight in cheesecake at Juniors, then got the idea to visit The Today Show that coming morning.  After finding a CVS, we bought white gift boxes (they were out of poster board) and made signs! After two hours of sleep, we were up at 4am to walk to Rockefeller Center and get in line! Our friends saw us on TV back home.

Lots of firsts for me. 

It was my first time on a plane!  The pilot let me go into the cockpit to check things out.

First time on a subway...

 Here we are impersonating the statues in the background.

..and here we are in Times Square.

Such a fun trip. 

Okay, back to more memories ...

Of course I love all of the memories that I have with Brandon, but y'all have seen a lot of photos of him lately.  So I'll just leave you with one.
Here we are during a hike at Raven's Cliff Falls in NC.

A lot of my favorite memories don't have a corresponding photo.  I treasure all of the memories I have with my family and friends!  These are only a few that I happen to have documented through my camera.

Hope you all had a beautiful, fabulous Saturday!


  1. what a fun post! looks like you have a pretty darn good life, sister! :)

  2. These are such fun pictures! My favorite might be the Rainbow Brite Halloween costume. I need that for this next Halloween! Such fun times!

  3. Is one of the NYC trip girls Abby Mc? She's my sorority sister!

  4. These pictures remind me so mush of my undergrad, I love looking back on good memories! Looks like you girls had lots of fun!

  5. I love that you rocked Rainbows in NYC!! Way to bring the south with you :-)

  6. Oooh, I love your green pants - so cute!



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