Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2: Photo Challenge & What I'm Lovin'

I'm so happy to see that so many of you have decided to partake in the 30 Day Photo Challenge!

Day 2: A photo of you with the person you've been closest to the longest

Meet Mark, my brother.

My immediate thought when reading the instructions for this post was that I should post a picture of my longest girl friend, Crystal.  We met in 7th grade and were inseparable all throughout high school. We even went on to college together.  Now, we are many states away but it hasn't hurt our friendship!

But then, after I really got to thinking about the person I've been closest to the longest, I realized that this person is my brother.

My mom has always stressed to me the importance of sibling relationships.  In most cases, your siblings are the people you have in your life for the longest amount of time.

Mark and I have always been close, but even more so throughout the past five years.  He, obviously, takes very good care of his body and has been such a motivation for me to get in the gym! 

I try every day to not take our relationship for granted.  I'm so lucky to have him!


Let's move on to the things that I'm loving.

1.  I'm loving that Publix offers a different item each Wednesday for a PENNY! I got a 4-pack of toilet paper for one cent today. 

2.  I'm loving the 70 degree weather we've had this week! The warm sunshine just makes Charleston that  much more beautiful.

3.   I'm loving the gorgeous pearl earrings Brandon gave me for Valentine's Day.  That, and the fact that my bedroom smells like roses due to the dozen he surprised me with!

4.  I'm loving that I just got my first order in from Laura Mercier! Foundation, Primer, Concealer ...check! Will review asap.

5.  I'm loving that Brandon's neighbors still have their Christmas tree up.  They even turn the lights on every night.  Seriously's the middle of February! It has almost been two months since Christmas!  I think it's funny and I hope they leave it up all year long.  

6.  I'm loving each one of you! Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog posts.  They make my days so much sweeter.



  1. ummmm are both of your bodies fake? because SERIOUSLY.

  2. can't wait to hear about the LM products :)

  3. I just got some Laura Mercier undereye concealer and I love it!! I can't wait to hear what you think about the other products :-)

  4. I'm starting this later today :) Can't wait to read yours!

    <3 MJW

  5. I love this challenge. This is such a sweet post and really makes me wish I had siblings :( Keep up the great challenge


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