Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I tried a new class at the gym last night. I say "new," when really, I've been to it multiple times in the past.  It just feels brand new because they have really revved up the choreography.  It was much harder than I remembered! Either that, or I'm out of shape. Let's go with the first option.

Introducing...  Pi-Yo
(I've heard it called different names at different gyms)

This website explains the class very well:

PiYo™ is the perfect blend of Pilates, Yoga, sports stretch, dance stretch, and athletics that will help you burn calories and build muscle! It's about way more than just flexibility.The dynamic blend of movement increases strength, balance, and agility, while being easy on the mind and the joints. This workout provides an incredible mind/body experience that will help you lose weight and completely transform your body!

Strength is the FOCUS and Balance is the KEY. Transform your body and exhilarate your mind at the same time. From beginner to advanced, each full body workout is designed for all levels. Plus, there are modifications that allow you to keep going when things get tough. Activate your body and stimulate your muscles! Get amazing results and transform your body! This workout is revolutionary and there’s no doubt you’ll get results!

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If you remember a few months back, I blogged about how I fell in love with yoga.  I was practicing for a few hours a week, for about four months.  

Then the holidays came...
...and that was the end of my yoga adventure.

I told you all that my NY resolution was to get back in the gym (so original, right?).  I've been doing a good job of it too! I owe the ease of getting back into the gym to the classes at my gym.  

I love the Les Mills classes -Body Step, Body Pump.  I always love the way I feel after spin because it's so difficult.  This Pi-Yo class was very challenging, too, and will be added to my weekly list of classes to take!

My core is very sore this morning. I love the yoga/pilates blend and can definitely feel the effects of my good workout last night! I did hear that some instructors focus more on yoga and some focus more on the pilates aspect.  While I prefer the way my instructor teaches (more pilates-based), both would be totally beneficial! 

Have any of you taken a Pi-Yo class?  If not, you should!



  1. Okkk bloggy seeester haha Prep me about Yoga!! There is a class that is offered at my gym and I am soo scarred to try it!! I am pretty flexible...from my cheerleading days oooh 5-6 years ago haha. I wish that my gym had Pi-YO! It looks super fun and the stretching is good because I so need that after running (which is my only workout that I do with other minimal free weights) anyhooo.....I should try yoga? yes? My girlfriend moved to a different city when she got married and I lost my workout buddy!!

  2. Sounds fun! I will have to see if I can find it around here. Thanks fo sharing! :)

  3. ohh sounds like a great workout! I need to hit up this class!

  4. this looks fun!! i love your blog! great pictures and writing!

  5. My freshman year of college my roomate and I decided to try a yoga class at the gym on campus. We went and thought the entire time how easy it was. The next morning neither one of us could get out of bed. Our muscles were so sore. I have never heard of this new class. Good for you for following your resolution!

  6. I need that, Which esac are you going to? Im looking for a class to take a few times a week after I get off work at 5:30....possibly yoga! We may have to do this together, i need the encouragement of someone else!

  7. Will have to check it out! Thanks! Have a great weekend. xo Cindy


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