Friday, January 28, 2011

Biotin and Plans for Tonight

I just have to share my thoughts on this super-vitamin.

A while back, I started taking Biotin in combination with my One-a-Day Multivitamin because I heard that it is great for the hair, skin, and nails. 

I've been wanting to talk to you all about this vitamin sooner, but I wanted to give you all an honest review and wait 30 days to see if I could tell any results.  

So now, one month later,  I can't tell you how much I recommend adding this vitamin to your daily intake! 

Here are some general benefits, according to
  • Boosts the health of bones, blood, and nerves
  • Metabolizes fats, sugars, and carbohydrates
  • Maintains the health of the mind, memory, and emotional well-being
  • Plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, which may reduce fatigue caused by metabolism problems
  • Promotes hair growth.  It also strengthens hair by increasing elasticity and thickening the hair cuticle. The vitamin aids in shine and maintains color of the hair.
  • May help treat acne and eczema
  • Strengthens and promotes the growth of nails, as well as preventing brittle nails.

I can't say much about the internal benefits, but I have noticed a big difference in my hair and nails! 
I have a lot of new hair growth around my scalp, plus my hair feels a bit stronger.  

In the past, I could NEVER grow out my nails.  I might be able to get a few nails sort of lengthy, but they would break less than a week later.  Now, my nails are long and strong! It's crazy to me.  Okay, they are long for me. My nail length would be considered short to some people, I'm sure! I think what I love most is that each nail is the same length and they are so strong and healthy.

My nails used to always be very short.  I found an older picture of my nails for a visual.



Personally, I like the shorter look of nails, but it's so fun to have my nails long for once!

I have a photoshoot at sunset this evening.
Wish me luck!

After that, Brandon and I are going to one of our favorite waterfront restaurants.  Red's is on Shem Creek and is such a fun, laid back spot.  The restaurant is half indoors, half outdoors.  They have a super fun, outdoor bar area where you can bring your dog! They have live music, too.  The best part is, while you're eating and mingling, your view is the salt water and pretty boats!

I blogged about Red's here!

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. If that is "Sew Psyched", I have it too! I have bought biotin a couple times, taken 2 or 3, and then forgot about it. Clearly I need to try this again. My nails have never grown past my fingertips - going to buy some today!

  2. I LOVE biotin!! Totally agree, every girl should use it!

  3. I take biotin every day too and it definitely works. Your nails look great!

  4. I love and miss Red's! Have a great time.
    Can you get Biotin at a drugstore?

  5. Oh wow! That's awesome about your nails! :)

    I also started taking biotin for my hair because I wanted to grow it out & it seems to take a lifetime! I haven't noticed it growing faster, but like you said, I do have quite a bit of new growth! Yay for biotin! ;)

  6. I'm gonna have to try biotin, I have the same problem with my nails!

  7. Girl I started using Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins from Earthfare (I think the brand is MegaFoods) and they are also AMAZING! I've heard awesome things about biotin, but your post definitely makes me want to try it out! Good luck on your shoot and I'm so excited to watch you compete this year in the pageants! :)

  8. The difference in your nails is huge! Thanks for sharing this-- I'm going to try it.

    Just found your blog, love it! Have fun at you shoot and happy weekend!

  9. Wow, I'll have to try those vitamins!!

  10. Photoshoot? as in the Photographer or as in the model? Is that your job? Lucky either way if it is!!!

  11. I might need to take those vitamins. I'm TERRIBLE about taking my vitamins...ugh. Anyway commenting because I have a funny story about Reds :) We took our dog there once (we had our dog with us at a friends house and weren't planning to go to Reds)...and our friend Jim started carrying her around, trying to pick up girls. If he hadn't been acting like such a d it might have worked for him because lots of girls were interested in the dog, haha

  12. I love Biotin! I was told to top taking it while I was pregnant, so I can't wait to start taking it again. Your so right, it works wonders!


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