Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thomas Bennett House + OOTD + OOTN

Hi bloggers!
I've got a random post for you, but then again- most all of my posts jump around from topic to topic quite a bit.

On Thursday night, I volunteered for an event called "Giving Back Cheer" here in Charleston. 
It is part of a charity called "Families Helping Families" that gives food, gifts and necessities to local families in need during the holiday season.

This is an event that truly touched my heart, as I heard that one of the boys said all he wants for Christmas is his own toothbrush, instead of sharing one with another family member.

I, for one, realize how easy it is to take our many blessings for granted, so I was more than willing to help out.

The event took place at the Governor Thomas Bennett House on Barre Street.
It is a gorgeous historic home that is available for weddings and other events. 

Okay- back to the event!
Tickets were $25 per person.
There were multiple caterers, bartenders, entertainment, a silent auction, and the entire home (inside and out) was decorated in the most beautiful Christmas decorations.
Here are some photos from the home and from last night:
(Thank you to Richard Bell Photography and Larry Monteith!)

This is Elizabeth, another volunteer, and me!

This is Elyn Rahman, the event coordinator, and me (exhausted after 12 hours of school/volunteering!)

"Santa's Helper" Martinis

Governor Thomas Bennett House

Brandon came over for dinner later that night, before I tackled many more hours of studying. 

He brought me some beautiful flowers
(always so thoughtful!)

We made chicken fettuccine alfredo with cheesy garlic bread on the side, our favorite comfort food (perfect for a cold night!).
I woke up on Friday morning, drank a nasty cup of coffee, did some last minute studying, and trekked it downtown for class.

Per request, here's another OOTD:

I was looking forward to a date night all day long.
I've had the most stressful/busy past couple of weeks, and needed a night of fun and relaxation more than anything!

Brandon and I had plans to go to Oku, which I've told y'all is my faaaavorite restaurant.
(Yes, all of those extra As are necessary)

OOTN (Outift of the NIGHT!):
That's all I've got for tonight! 
Much love,


  1. I LOVE your outfits! Do tell where you got them from! I'm on a mission to find great boots that aren't super high since I'm already 5'8"

  2. What a beautiful home, and sounds like such a good cause!

  3. Cmae- In the first picture, my jacket and leggings are from GAP, my striped shirt is from Urban Outfitters, and my flats are Tory Burch!

    In the second picture, my boots are Gianni Bini, the tights are from Express, and my dress is from Francesca's Closet! The boots are about 3.5 or 4 inch heels, but they do look shorter in the photo!

    Check out for the boot search, because it's an excellent website!

  4. What an awesome event!!! That house is gorgeous!

    And i LOVE those two outfits.

  5. Glad CMae asked about your clothes because I want to go shopping with you! haha You are always put together so pretty! And you have great style! LOVE the TB flats...I am going to have to get a pair!! And that was great you volunteered, that breaks my heart about the little boy only wanting a toothbrush....makes me feel bad about not being thankful ENOUGH!

  6. your outfit of the night is gorgeous!! where did you find such a beautiful dress??


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