Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...I'm still in vacation mode!

Hello all!
It has been five days since I've done a post because I've been on vacation!
Brandon, my brother (Mark), his girlfriend (Katelyn), and I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas.
We had two glorious days at sea, a day at Freeport, and a day in Nassau.

The ship left from Charleston, so we only had to drive a few miles to the port. (That was so nice!)
As our voyage began, Brandon gave me this beautiful David Yurman bracelet!

He's such a wonderful boyfriend!

In Freeport, we shopped & relaxed on the beach.  
Really, we were saving up our energy for the next day in Nassau, which was spent at the Atlantis Resort!
We swam with dolphins, snorkeled, rode awesome slides, ate Bahamian food, 
& got a lot of sun!

Here are more pictures from our cruise:

This is a picture of a picture, so the quality is bad, but I still like it!

This is my brother, Mark!

This is Brandon on the "Leap of Faith" He screamed like a little girl loved it!

I need to find a rewind button asap!

I'll chat with you all tomorrow.
This little gal needs a nap!


  1. Looks like had a ball!! And LOVE the Yurman bracelet. I am obsessed with DY.

  2. It looks like y'all had so much fun! I LOVE cruises! And I LOOOVE the bracelet!!

  3. LOVEEE that bracelet! And your brother has ABS like the Situation! haha

  4. Haha, aww let's not feed my brother's ego because it's already too big! He says that "The Situation" needs to watch out!

  5. I am so jealous of your vacation! I have wanted to stay at Atlantis ever since I saw that Mary Kate and Ashley move Holiday in the Sun years ago. I am a new follower :)

  6. That's so funny because all throughout our trip, I was telling everyone that I couldn't wait to go home to my parent's house to search our box of videos for that MK and Ashley movie!

    Thanks for becoming a new follower!

  7. Looks like you had so much fun! LOVE the DY bracelet!

  8. Hi, just found your blog through someone I'm following.

    That looks like an amazing vacation! I've always wanted to go there.

  9. Beautiful pictures! So glad y'all had a good time. I would have been in serious trouble if cruises left from Charleston while I lived there! I would have been on cruises all the time!! :)

  10. Adorable pics!
    I have the same dress in the first picture, the pink one. Except mine is yellow. Love Express!!


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