Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Humpday!

What a wonderful day it has been!
I got to do some of my favorite things and taste some of my favorite treats!

Brandon had the day off of work, so we walked around Towne Centre in Mount Pleasant.
We really enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather.
We also enjoyed these tasty cups of goodness
(We forgave them for writing Brendon instead of Brandon)
I got a Toffee Mocha Latte with non-fat milk & no whip.
I hated getting something hot because it was over 80 degrees outside, but I tend to slurp down the iced-lattes too fast.
Boy, was it delicious!

Then, after a fun Target trip, I used every drop of my willpower to not eat a whole bag of these

Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses
Tell me that y'all have tried these.
Imagine pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetness, and creaminess all in one little "silverbell" (as my family has always called the traditional chocolate kisses).
Hurry and try them soon because once Autumn ends, these kisses will no longer be sold!
(Wonder who I can write a letter to in order to make these not a limited-time product?)

Later, Brandon and I met up with my grandparents and my mom, who were in Mount Pleasant for a doctor's appointment.
My grandparents Memie and Poppop left to make the drive home before dark.
Brandon left to meet up with his buddies for "man night."
So that left Mom and me ...with a lot of shopping left to do!

We shopped around at many stores in Mount Pleasant & worked up quite the appetite.
Since it was getting late & we wanted to make it back to my place in time to watch America's Next Top Model, we ran through the Zaxby's drive-through.
Introducing... one of my favorite things in the whole world:

I get my "House Zalad" with grilled chicken, easy on the cheese, with light vinaigrette dressing.

Let me tell you that I am not a big salad eater.
I crave french fries, sandwiches, sweets, and basically anything bad for you.
...but these salads have the best flavor in the world.
The combination of the dressing & the chicken seasoning is so yummy.
I think I could eat this salad every day and not get tired of it.

One more thing before I go.
I purchased New Balance's HRT Fit Heart Rate Monitor/Watch yesterday.
It's the Susan G. Komen edition, so part of the proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

I've been wanting a digital watch to wear while running outside.
I've also been wanting a heart rate monitor, so this is perfect because it incorporates the two.
The most appealing aspect of this watch, aside from it being pink and the Komen edition, is that it is a chest-strap free heart rate monitor. 

Introducing... one of my many blonde moments:
I used it at the gym yesterday but couldn't get it to detect my heart rate. 
I'm surprised I didn't fall off of the treadmill because I was fooling with it during my run.
Later last night, I told Brandon that I needed to take it back because the heart rate feature was defective.
Being the smart boyf that he is, he pulled out the trusty directions.
Little did I know that you have to put your fingers on the stainless steel bevel around the watch face and hold them there for three seconds in order to get a heart rate reading. 
I thought it would detect my heart rate just by being strapped to my wrist, no fingers involved!
Lesson learned = READ THE DIRECTIONS! 

Hope you are all having a great week!
We've made it through Wednesday, so it's all downhill from here!



  1. Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses are so good! I agree, they should be available year round!

  2. yeah i NEED those pumpkin spice kisses! they look like they are good for the soul :)

    cute new layout, ps!

  3. I've never even seen those pumpkin spice kisses! I will definitely be going out to find them!

  4. love your new little banner! :)

    and yes...i'm addicted to those pumpkin spice kisses. i HAVE eaten a whole bag in one sitting. i also love the candy corn kisses (only avail at tar-jay) you should try those too!

  5. I haven't tried the pumpkin spice kisses, I have never really had a taste for pumpkin but I feel I should definitely try these! & I'm SO glad you had a toffee mocha, aren't they stupendous??? The frappes are good too but just like you said, almost too good haha

  6. I'm a new follower!

    I need to try the pumpkin spice kisses. I don't really like salads. Never eat them. Maybe I need to try the one you did at Zaxbys. I eat french fries at least once everyday. Not good, but so yummy!

  7. I get that same "zalad" and I love it!

  8. I need a new watch to wear when I run... definitely going to check this one out!! Thanks! Hope you have a FAB trip.


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