Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go away, 80 degree-weather!

Remember my post about Old Navy's outerwear?
...and the yellow coat?

It's still so hot here, but I knew that I should snag this coat before it's no longer available!
I was worried because it's sold out online in my size.
I was near an Old Navy today and figured I'd stop in to see if one in my size was in stock.
There was one left!
This baby is now hanging sweetly in my closet.
Right where it belongs. 

...along with this unique poncho!
I'm loving ponchos this Fall, but South Carolina hasn't had cool enough weather for me to wear one yet!
Maybe a nice cool front will come through Charleston...& decide to stay.
I haven't tried any of the store's other clothing, but if it's anything like the quality of the outerwear, then Old Navy really stepped up its game this Fall. two cents,


  1. <3 the jacket A.L.!! Miss your face! You and Brandon should come skiing this year :)

  2. I am living in FL at the moment, but just came home to Charleston for a wedding and was looking forward to some cooler weather so I could wear some of my fabulous Fall clothes ... it was in the 80s the whole time! Boo. Hurry up, Fall! :)

  3. Love the coat! I think I'm going to get it in the blue. :)

  4. got the coat in gray, love it. thanks for the idea. old navy should pay you!

  5. I got that pea coat in orange! I love it so much.


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