Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Award!

Megan, from Making the Most of Megan, gave me a blog award!
(She has an adorable blog, so go read it!)

The rules are to link up to the person who gave it to you, thank them, list 7 things about yourself, and then pass it along to other bloggers whose blogs you love and want to highlight!

So here are my seven things!

1. When I was a little girl, I used to faint during church all the time ... especially if it was a special church service, like Christmas Eve mass, Easter mass, my First Communion mass, my Confirmation mass, etc. etc.
The worst is when I would faint while being an altar server.  
That would create quite the commotion during mass, not only because the congregation 
would see a little girl fall over on the altar, but also because my mother would instantly 
become a nervous wreck/cry/panic.
(You understand)

2.  I don't have any tattoos & have no interest in getting any.

3. I've lived in SC all of my life, other than the time my family moved to Florida for a year or two.
We moved to Melbourne for Dad's job. He's in the golf business.

4. I studied the Spanish language for three years in high school and have 
taken four semesters of Spanish in college. I've made A's and B's in the classes, 
but still am entirely confused by the
language.  I'm lucky to form a sentence without referring to a Spanish dictionary.

5. Remember the movie Heavy Weights? You know, the fat camp movie. 
Well, I went to that camp.
Noooo... not the fat camp, but the camp where the movie was filmed.
I went on the "blob" once but landed wrong, got scolded for it, crawled back into the water, and avoided the "blob" for the rest of the summer.

6. Although I enjoy exercising, I hate to run. I love to walk. I even can enjoy the elliptical 
machine. But running ma'am. 

7.  I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee and would very much like to push it off a cliff because it gets 9 miles per gallon here in downtown Charleston. I'm trading that baby in asap!

I am passing this award on to:

Ms. Emily Ann at My Heart Shaped Life
Lulu & Charlie at A Tale of Two Sisters



  1. 1) I love that you got to go on the blob at the camp from heavyweights!

    2) I'm glad I'm not the only girl who hates to run but loves the elliptical. People tell me I'm nutty for it.

  2. oh you are so sweet! thank you meg! i put it on my latest post (although I haven't done the 7 things about myself yet!) it made our day :) THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thanks so much for passing this on to me!! You are so sweet, and it was fun reading more about you!!

    I hope you aren't still fainting in church, that would scare me too! And I don't have any tattoos either, don't mind them on other people, just not for me. Also, I used to drive a jeep and felt the same way, they are gas guzzlers!


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