Sunday, August 1, 2010

I thought I'd make a list of random things about me. Partially because I can't think of anything better to blog, but also because ...well, isn't this type of post a "Rite of Passage" in the blog world?

1. I've never seen a full episode of "Friends"

2. The first concert I saw was Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan. It was an outdoor concert in the pouring rain. I was almost 16 & was horrified that I saw people smoking pot next to me. 

3. My sign is LEO, but I have no earthly idea what that means, as far as personality traits & demeanor go

4. My favorite scent is Chanel Mademoiselle 

5. I lived off of peanut butter my freshman year of college ... literally by the spoonful. I'd go through a family size jar weekly. Now the smell of peanut butter makes my stomach turn.

6. I wish I was more athletic, but then I think about Belle, Snow White, & other Disney princesses.  They didn't play sports, so I'm doing alright.

7. Actually, I'm a jack of all trades, but a master at none. I played soccer, softball, basketball, did karate, took dance, was a cheerleader for years, took piano & guitar lessons, played in golf tournaments, all among other activities & sports. Once again, I'm a master at none (oh, except rollerblading), but you can't say I didn't try!

8. I'd rather eat a burger & fries than a fancy meal any day, with the exception of sushi.

9. One of my favorite childhood feelings/memories is when I'd watch Saturday morning cartoons in my jammies, eat cereal or spaghetti-os, and Mom would come dump the freshly laundered, warm towels on me before she'd fold them. 

10.  I've always been a computer nerd.  I had my first computer when I was nine or ten.

11. My first CD was Rod Stewart. I was five.

12. I have a scar on my chin from a cheerleading accident. One of my friend's teeth almost went completely through my chin.

13.  I've never broken a bone or sprained anything, which is surprising because I am so clumsy. See #14.

14. Once, when trying on new high heels with slick soles, I slipped on the very top stair at my house & fell head first down the entire staircase. A few bruises (on me and my new shoes), but that's all!

15.  I graduate from the College of Charleston next May & would really like to spend the summer after in NYC. Just until I run out of money, then I'll come home (with cuter clothes in my suitcase, of course)!



  1. Hey, just found your blog, and this was such a fun post to read! One of my first concerts was The Rolling Stones and I was the exact same way - everyone was smoking pot, and I couldn't believe it!

    Also, I have never broken a bone, and LOVE sushi! But, I must say, you are missing out on Friends!!

  2. Aw, thank you! I just checked out your blog -it's too cute!

    I've heard from so many people that I'm missing out on "Friends." Maybe one day I'll try to watch some of the seasons on DVD ...with sushi of course!

  3. Mmm spaghetti-o's, they take me back to childhood!
    I've never broken any bones (yet).
    You must watch Friends, it's hilarious.
    Sushi is scrumptious!
    & you have an adorable blog! 8)

  4. Thank you! Oh, how I love spaghetti-o's!
    & your daughter is absolutely precious!


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